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Monday, March 16, 2009

Active Recovery

Bike Riding:
Distance: 25 km
Time: Not important - slow
Running: Nil
Week: Nil
March: 153.6 km
Year: 984.0 km

Back to work today, on the cool side at 6:30 am. Not a problem though as the legs were working , just. Used the low gears to have no pressure on a couple of tender quads.
The lunch time ride home was preceded by a trip to the river for some cold water treatment. After 15 minutes, back on the bike for an easy ride home with the wind assisting. Just lucky.
On the ride back to work, I had time for a second trip to the river allowing for another 10 minutes in the water. Rode home again after work making a broken day's riding of about 25 kms.
A good recovery day without doing very much trying to stay on the move when possible. Seems to be working. Similar day planned for tomorrow before even thinking about running. Maybe a short jog later in the week.


  • Sounds like your recovery is definitely going well - all that cold water treatment and cycling is so good. Sorry we won't see you at Canberra but probably wise - far too much concrete!

    By Blogger strewth, At March 16, 2009 at 10:40 PM  

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