Two Fruits

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Week 38 - Time to Start Tapering

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,250.65 kms in 38 weeks at ave  85.5 kms ( down from 85.6 kms at week 37)

Last week:  82.65 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 118,669 metres in 38 weeks at ave  3,123 metres ( down from 3,140 metres at week 37)
Strava:  121,149 metres

Last week:  2,492 metres

Time to start taper for next weekend's off road marathon in southern Tasmania. Providing this event goes well, I will enter the Sri Chinmoy ultra in Canberra the following weekend.
"Goes well" doesn't necessarily mean a fast time or a good placing, but getting through without falling over, no injuries & not totally wiped out. There won't be any time for a full recovery, so I'm hoping just rest & a couple of short easy jogs will be enough between events.
A 6 day run week just gone, nothing far or high & no Parkrun, on duty.
The weather has been just Ok, wind blows as usual every day and occasionally saw some sunshine.
Fully expecting winter conditions down south next weekend as the event part covers the most southerly road in Australia, the most southerly walking track. I'm sure on a good day you could see an iceberg. Guaranteed to be a rough windy day.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Week 37 - Right On Average

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,168.00 kms in 37 weeks at ave  85.6 kms ( up from 85.5 kms at week 36)

Last week:  88.00 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 116,177 metres in 37 weeks at ave  3,140 metres ( up from 3,137 metres at week 36)
Strava:  118,633 metres

Last week: 3,240 metres

The Kowen 12 hour night run was now 2 weeks ago. But, there was still some fatigue at the beginning of this week. A couple of very easy ( meaning slow) runs on Monday & Tuesday, a short walk on Wednesday, meant the latter part of the week had all the hard work in those 4 days.
Friday was the main day, almost the weekend long hilly run, with 19 kms & 1300 metres of vert doing a triple up and down Goat Hill near home.
Parkrun then on Saturday was very average, just under 25 mins for 5 kms. But backed up afterwards with a nice climb up a nearby hill, Grassy Tree Hill. I usually do an after Parkrun hilly run. Just part of the training plan.
There is a small rock pile on the summit that I add a rock to each visit. Going to take a long time to increase the height of this one. 
Another 2 weeks now until Australia's southern most marathon in the far south of Tasmania. Beyond the coast is Antarctica. Weather permitting, it's very scenic & spectacular. If weather is not so good, the wind will blow you off your feet. Could easily be rain & snow. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week 36 - Race Day & Rest Days

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,080.00 kms in 36 weeks at ave  85.5 kms ( down from 86.3 kms at week 34)

Last 2 weeks:  144.75 kms

Altitude: Garmin - 112,937 metres in 36 weeks at ave  3,137 metres ( down from 3,204 metres at week 34)
Strava:    115,106 metres

Last 2 weeks:  3,990 metres

When you do an ultra 12 hours night run in the middle of a fortnight, the stats are going to take a hit.
Taper & recovery are not my best attributes. I'm more a consistency person.
The fortnight had 4 total rest days, 3 by choice & one ( today) just tired. Yesterday's Parkrun showed I needed a complete nothing day, not even a short walk.
Last weekend, a night 12 hour event in the bush near Canberra on a mix of road, fire trail & technical single track. We competed on a 7.7 km loop with just over 200 metres of up hill each lap. Managed 8 laps, so just over 60 kms with 1600 metres of vert. With 4 solos on 9 laps, not that far from a solid middle of the pack result, but stopped with 40 minutes to go as the timing was only at half way & end of each lap. Taking around 100 minutes to do each lap nearing the end, another half lap to get an extra 3.8 kms & still having to get back wasn't worth the effort.
A very good night in the bush, really liked this one.

Couple of easy runs this week, but the fatigue is still there. Another easy week, not so much in distance, and I'll leave out an intensity. I ran Parkrun on Saturday morning, there was nothing in the tank.
I'll reassess my race plans for the last part of this year now. Hopefully a mixture of exciting Tassie runs & a couple of mainland events. All of these will be dependant on in-law family health conditions in Tassie. A sick & inactive lot down here.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Week 34 - Racing & Recovery

Running:  Year To Date

Distance:  2,935.25 kms in 34 weeks at ave  86.3 kms ( down from 86.5 km at week 32)

Last 2 weeks:  167.05 kms

Altitude:  Garmin- 108,947 metres in 34 weeks at ave  3,204 metres ( down from 3,229 metres at week 32)

Last 2 weeks:  5,626 metres

Strava:  111,037 metres

There has been a bit going on in last 2 weeks with a race event in northern Tasmania at Scottsdale last weekend. Advertised at 56 kms, my Garmin measured just under 52 kms with several others recording under 50 kms.
To be fair, there was a bit cut off the advertised distance late to avoid a road crossing. Plus, as the course followed an old railway line, parts were cuttings through huge rock sections. Guess, some may have lost satellite connections. The event was an out and back, so double the loss.
Anyway, a great event through open farmland to start, then a gradual incline through the bush. Nothing too steep, so much of the full distance was running as there were no natural walking parts to assist us old blokes. Time for me was 6 hrs 18 mins, very happy with that as I didn't push the pace and settled towards the back of the pack. Kept the tail end sweep company on the return so we had a chance to talk up coming ultra events.

This week has been fairly easy with running every day but at super slow pace. Went chasing snow today on the mountain trails behind home. Past couple of weeks have been mild for winter with little rain so little new snow. We are expecting more later this week, but winter is coming to an end.

Next race will be at the end of Sept. Australia's southern most marathon down at Cockle Creek. Same event last year was shortened to a half marathon due to very difficult weather conditions. Hopefully, better this year, but timing could well be winter conditions again.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Week 32 - Start of Taper

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  2,768.2 kms in 32 weeks at ave  86.5 kms ( down from 87.0 kms at week 31)

Last week:  70.05 kms

Altitude:  Garmin -103,321 metres in 32 weeks at ave  3,229 metres ( down from 3,245 metres at week 31)
Strava - 105,872 metres

Last week: 2,710 metres

A week of consistency running all 7 days. Longest day was only 15 kms. Most vertical day was 866 metres.
The weather for mid winter has been reasonably kind except for gale force winds on Friday with gusts over 100 kmph both on Mt Wellington and in Hobart city.
We haven't had a cold winter & it took some searching to find some snow today.

This photo was taken on top of Collins Cap, a mountain not far from home & just under 1100 metres in height above sea level. We have to make the most of these opportunities, the snow doesn't last long.
Tapering now for next weekend's RailTrail run in the north of the state. As trains don't normally travel up too many steep hills, this off road 56 km will be very flat. Mostly rolling through farmland, the country scenery will be nice.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Week 31 - Vert Over 100k

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  2,698.15 kms in 31 weeks at ave  87.0 kms ( up from 86.1 kms at week 30)

Last week:  116.3 kms

Altitude:  Garmin- 100,611 metres in 31 weeks at ave  3,245 metres ( up from 3,183 metres at week 30)
Strava:   103,451 metres

Last week:  5,133 metres

With 2 long runs both over 25 kms & 3 days with vertical over 1000 metres, the week had to be above the year long average.
The weather has been very kind for mid winter with mild sunny & calm days making the great outdoors very pleasant.
I found form at the Saturday Parkrun over 5 kms after a slow run the week before. That bit of extra pace certainly makes the rest of the week easier.
Being right in the depths of winter, we are expecting snow to fall on our local mountain. There have been a couple of dumps of snow, but it melts quickly on the warm ground. It's unusual as last winter was a good snow season in Hobart. Mt Wellington is now almost clear of snow.
I ran/walked up another local mountain today and found very little snow as well. Collins Bonnet is close by, just 10 metres lower than Mt Wellington & it has a few patches hidden from the sun.
I'll run as training until later this week, then start a 10 day taper as I have entered a 56 km race in NE Tasmania on a Rail/Trail on 18th August. I believe, but I haven't seen a real course description, that it should be reasonably flat. I wouldn't think trains in the past climbed too many steep inclines. It should be an interesting event.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Week 30 - Above Average in Both

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,581.85 kms in 30 weeks at ave  86.1 kms ( up from 85.5 kms at week 29)

Last week:  103.25 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 95,478 metres in 30 weeks at ave 3,183 metres  ( up from 3,168 metres at week 29)
Strava:  98,311 metres

Last week:  3,602 metres

Without an exceptional big day, it was a very consistent week. Longest run was just 15.5 kms, biggest day was just 20.9 kms ( morning run & afternoon walk) with only run day with vertical above 1000 metres. That was just above with 1023 metres doing a double over Goat Hill.
Consistency & having a deep endurance base has kept me injury free. It has also kept the enthusiasm high although there have no races planned.
But, with winter ending in a month or so, may be longer in Tasmania, some spring time events are now inching into mind as the weather warms.
These may well be qualifying events for others in the future. You never know, but at least I could think about events without that worry.
In Hobart, it's been a very mild & reasonably dry winter. There have been a few bad weather days bringing snow, but whatever has fallen, has all but disappeared. What's left is now slippery ice. Not good to run on, just skate. Powder snow is much better so hope we get some more in August or that's another lost winter.