Two Fruits

Sunday, November 16, 2014

First Half of November


Last week:  110.9 km
November:  221.8 km
Year:           2122.8 km

Slowly starting to build this base with many short week day runs now due to some very warm spring weather. Last Friday, afternoon temps hit 37 degrees, so on these days I just go short.

I have finally cracked the 100 kms for the week for the first time since back in March before injury to my hip. It's taken a long time to get it almost right, probably now at 95%. Cold weather doesn't help.
Consistent running has now increased the weekly total average to just over 46 kms per week for the year. A good target now with 6 weeks to go would be 50 kms per week average.
One part lacking from my running is speed, but base building is more important at this stage.
There are no race plans for remainder of this year with the Canberra 100 km in March next year a goal to make the start line. Early bird entries close at end of this month so that's an incentive to keep going.
Otherwise, all good. Hope the nice spring time weather continues. Don't mind the heat, don't like the rain.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

End of October

Last Week:

Running:   83.9 kms


Running:  280.15 kms


Running:  1901.00 kms

Distance:  27.05 km
Time: 3 hours 48  mins 19 secs
Rate:  8' 27" per km
Elevation gain:  993 metres
Weather:  cloudy, temp about 20 degrees, humidity 60%, wind variable northerly

Mt Rob Roy the same as last Saturday except we ran/walked the loop from the sub station in reverse.
It seems to be much tougher than going the other way as the down hill is much looser, the gravel is not stable. The up hill part is mainly the newly upgraded gravel road for the new solar farm at Royalla.
A better if not quicker run than last Saturday and would have been quicker if not for the wild weather, wind and potential storm coming across from the Brindabella Mountains. 
Left the short detour to Big Monks out when the weather looked ominous, making sure we got over the top and back to safety just in case.
Just a few short runs during the week, not wanting very much in October as the rebuild continues.
Managed to get to the river on 4 days during the week, certainly helps.
Thursday did 4 x 1 km on gravel track behind Bonython, not really a speed session, but tried as best I could to run faster.
The lack of speed was noticeable last Sunday at the monthly handicap where, although I finished 23rd, 10th eligible, there is little fast in my legs. Need to work on that. Started on a very soft group 25, and after sub committee review, go forward on to group 24.
Yes and no Ewen, managed to catch Ruth inside the last one km, Mrs Muscles started in group 13 & didn't look like seeing her. It was a beaut morning last Sunday, a little warm but really great course.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Next Part of October

Week:  59.3 kms,  Oct:223.3 kms,  Year:  1844.15 kms

It's been 2 weeks since I last reported so I had better put some facts & figures on this blog.

Basically, week days have been really short running home at lunch time. It's been fairly busy with many things on the go all at the same time.
However, as big totals are still not the main focus, easy days are just perfect.
The main long runs have been on Saturday's with a second night time run with Martin F last weekend from Woden to O'Malley, Red Hill to Parliament House and back via Deakin & Adelaide Ave.
No problems this time, managed to stay upright & thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours and a bit we were out.
Today, I did my 61st run/walk up Mt Rob Roy with Softshoe on a very warm morning. This one was 29 kms in just over 4 hours but with just under 1000 metres of climbing.
Much slower pace, but it all adds up to rebuild the endurance base which is slowly returning.
I have no pace and will struggle to race the 10 kms at Goorooyarroo on Sunday morning.
But, it's all good training. The previous 4 months running km totals have been 16.65 km in June, 57.6 kms in July, 58.7 kms in August & 95.55 kms in Sept.
Still nothing planned for the rest of this year, just keep doing what I'm doing. But do need to have more sessions at Calwell oval to regain some speed in my slow legs. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Part of October


I've ran on 9 out of the 11 days so far this month.
Plus a new mountain bike purchase has helped with some cross training as I ride to work and back home now daylight savings has started.

Week:  55.55 km,  Oct:  97.1 km,  Year:  1717.95 km

The month so far has been a rebuild the base and drop a couple of kgs that I have gained recently due to lack of physical activity from a fall a few weeks ago resulting in 7 stitches in a wound below right knee. All good now.
Slowly building up the distance of the long run. Today was the longest for a while doing 18 kms on a version of a Two Fruits circuit through MacArthur, the new Centenary Trail & back home over Farrer Ridge & Wanniassa Hills nature reserve.
These runs are fairly slow, but do have a reasonable amount of up and down. Today had around 340 metres of up hill. Last Monday I did a run to and up Mt Tuggeranong with that having about the same altitude gain.
The reason for this is a spring time of mountain running coming up soon with an excellent female who just loves & eats up hills. Bring on Mt Tennent, I may not be able to keep up, but it will be lots of fun.
At this stage, going Ok. It's slowly getting easier, still much slower than I would like, but at least it's forward progress.
Nice warm spring time weather is certainly nice.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September - A Small Improvement


Race ?: 
Distance:   8 kms plus warm up
Time:  53' 51"
Rate:  6' 40" per km
Warm up:  2.25 kms total for day  10.25 kms


Bike ride:  16.0 kms in 51' 28 at 18.7 kmph

Distance:  9.6 kms
Time:  59' 50"
Rate:  6' 15" per km
Weather:   sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 33%, wind NW 32 kmph

Sept:  95.55 km in 11/30 days at ave 8.69 kms per run
Year: 1620.85 kms in 39 weeks at ave 41.56 kms per week
Year: 1620.85 kms in 9 months at ave 180.1 kms per month

This month was a big improvement on the past 4 months all affected by an ongoing hip injury.
That now has gone, but the month's running was disrupted by a fall while out running a couple of weeks ago.

I have lost most of my endurance base which now has to be rebuilt. The next few months until the end of the year will be spent doing this with a target race in mid March next year of a 100 km run on the Canberra Centenary Trail. It's on the north side of the city so not as hilly as if it was on south side.

Today's short run was very slow partly due to strong winds, plus I took a different course due to the seasonal magpie attacks. A hazard to be avoided until mid November as the parents look to protect their eggs in the current breeding season.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

On Your Bike

Sunday 14.9.14 to now:  Nil

Bike ride:
Distance:  15.15 kms in 59' 43" at 15.2 kmph

Weather:  sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm

Old mountain bike went in for a service a week or so ago. Bad news, not worth the expense of bringing it up scratch. So, thanks for the memories, it's been a good 12 years.

New TREK mountain bike out for it's first trip on a wonderful spring morning.
There has been no running in almost 2 weeks due to the fall where I put a sapling stick through my knee. Healing process has been Ok, with the stitches coming out last Tuesday after 9 days.
An infection, no surprise there, is almost gone and the wound is better every day. I did visit my doctor on Monday, given antibiotics & a day off work. Didn't take that, no need.
Bike ride today over some of the local bike paths & fire trails covered the important aspects of a new bike. Up hill to test the gears, down hill to test the brakes & some single undulating rocky trails to test the suspension. All good, passed with flying colours.
Tomorrow, Sunday is a return to running, may be very slowly, at the next vet's monthly handicap over 8 kms.
With my very generous handicap now due to slow running, then a hip injury, I hopefully won't finish last, that's the plan.
If all goes well, I'll gradually increase the running to rebuild, again, the endurance base. The daily commute to work & back should take care of the cross training as well as a few gym sessions during the week concentrating on upper body.
All looking good at this stage for a proper return to running with a few races planned for next year now as there is not a big enough base for much in the remainder of this year.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Backwards & Forwards

Monday:  8.9.14
Distance:  10.05 kms in 50' 13" at ave  6' 00"

Tuesday:  9.9.14
Distance:   4.3 kms in 25' 36" at ave  5' 58"

Thursday:   11.9.14
Distance:  13.75 kms in 91' 12" at ave  6' 38"

Friday:  13.9.14
Distance: 8.5 kms in 47' 56" at ave   5' 38"

Saturday: 14.9.15
Distance: 370 metres in 4' 00" at ave  10' 45"

I thought progress was being made as I very slowly try to rebuild a running base.
However, Saturday night it came to a sudden halt. Note distance.
I had planned with a couple of others to run more of the Canberra Centenary Trail similar to the previous Saturday night. I do need to inspect the full course at night for the AnzacUltra in April 2015.
However, it came to a an abrupt end after 370 metres when I tripped over some cut off sapling stumps hidden in long grass not far from the start at Woden bus interchange.
End result, a trip to hospital emergency ward to get a wound repaired. Damage required a tetanus injection, a cleanout of small stones & grass and 7 stitches.
In and out in 90 minutes which was wonderful. Really expected at least 4 hours on a Saturday night, so lucky.
Now, no running at all until stitches come out in a week to 10 days, then very gentle movement to allow for the deep down injury to heal.
Nothing to do but wait out time. So annoying as spring time is the best time for the hills and mountains as the weather warms. Plans now for next year just delayed a bit. I can't continue to play catch up, just need some consistency without any more setbacks.
On the positive side, the hip injury seems to have finally fixed itself.