Two Fruits

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Backwards & Forwards

Monday:  8.9.14
Distance:  10.05 kms in 50' 13" at ave  6' 00"

Tuesday:  9.9.14
Distance:   4.3 kms in 25' 36" at ave  5' 58"

Thursday:   11.9.14
Distance:  13.75 kms in 91' 12" at ave  6' 38"

Friday:  13.9.14
Distance: 8.5 kms in 47' 56" at ave   5' 38"

Saturday: 14.9.15
Distance: 370 metres in 4' 00" at ave  10' 45"

I thought progress was being made as I very slowly try to rebuild a running base.
However, Saturday night it came to a sudden halt. Note distance.
I had planned with a couple of others to run more of the Canberra Centenary Trail similar to the previous Saturday night. I do need to inspect the full course at night for the AnzacUltra in April 2015.
However, it came to a an abrupt end after 370 metres when I tripped over some cut off sapling stumps hidden in long grass not far from the start at Woden bus interchange.
End result, a trip to hospital emergency ward to get a wound repaired. Damage required a tetanus injection, a cleanout of small stones & grass and 7 stitches.
In and out in 90 minutes which was wonderful. Really expected at least 4 hours on a Saturday night, so lucky.
Now, no running at all until stitches come out in a week to 10 days, then very gentle movement to allow for the deep down injury to heal.
Nothing to do but wait out time. So annoying as spring time is the best time for the hills and mountains as the weather warms. Plans now for next year just delayed a bit. I can't continue to play catch up, just need some consistency without any more setbacks.
On the positive side, the hip injury seems to have finally fixed itself.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Week of Spring

Monday:   1.9.14
Dist: 4.3 kms in 24' 39" at ave 5' 44" per km

Tuesday:   2.9.14
Dist:  4.15 kms in 23' 19" at ave 5' 37" per km

Friday:  5.9.14
Dist:  4.25 kms in 25' 17" at ave 5' 56" per km

Saturday:  6.9.14  Night run:

Distance:   26.00 kms
Time:  3 hrs 52 mins 58 secs
Rate:  8' 58"  per km
Weather:  clear night sky, temp 7 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm

Week & Sept:  38.7 km,  Year:  1573.00 km

A few very short runs during the week, then a long run at night. Very unusual to be running at night when the normal weekend training is on a Saturday morning.
But, I needed to check out the Canberra Centenary Trail for markings at night in readiness for the AnzacUltra in April next year.
Seems the directional arrows in place are not very reflective at night. Navigation will best using a very bright head lamp and good local knowledge.
Trip wasn't very fast. I had the company of Billy, who is in the final stages of getting ready for the 6 day event in Adelaide at the end of the month. We walked at times & run when possible. We also had plenty of stops to check the course markings, or lack thereof.
Managed to get through without any problems. Hip just tender at the finish so some treatment when home. All Ok today.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

End Of Winter - Update


Walk over Mt Taylor monthly handicap course

Distance:  7.3 kms in 79' 57" at ave 10' 56" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 10 degrees, humidity 66%, wind SE 10 kmph


Monthly handicap at Mt Taylor:

Distance:  7.00 kms plus warm up 2.3 kms
Time:   42' 14"
Rate:    6' 02" per km
Altitude gain:  115 metres
Start group:  26 
Finished:  63rd
Weather:  early fog, then sun, temp 7 degrees, humidity 95%, wind calm

Week:   29.85 km,  August:  58.7 km,
Year:  1534.3 kms in 8 months at ave   191.8 km

Ran 4 days and walked one day this week to make half of the full months total. A slow process but showing progress. Quite happy so far. No pushing the pace today at the monthly handicap.
But a big jump in km rate from July by 30 seconds a km.
Nothing planned running wise just to get the kms done to be able to tackle something later in the year. May be the half at Deep Space marathon early November and the Tour de Ridges in mid December.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Running At Last


Turners Beach, North West Coast

3 days on beach, 23.45 kms on sand, bare feet at average pace about 5' 10" per km

Weather:  sunny, temps about 14 degrees, wind calm, humidity 50%


3 days between home & work,  13.25 kms at average pace about 5' 45" per km

August:  42.1 kms,  Year:  1517.7 kms

As mentioned in my previous post, I had been sidelined with a hip/leg problem for a few months until a miracle cure was found courtesy of my sister-in-law. Hail Elmore Oil.
We moved from Hobart to the north west coast for 8 days at Turners Beach just behind the sand dunes. Not quite the warm tropical ideals of north Qld, but still blessed with a 1.5 km long beach available unless it's high tide. The water comes up to the base of the dunes, so no sand.
Otherwise a perfect flat, hard packed sandy surface where I seem to run faster than in shoes.
Nothing too startling about those runs despite Ok pace, given plenty of rest breaks. Lacking endurance fitness.
Back home where the emphasis will be on consistency. Not necessary to up distance too far or pace yet, just get a base down. Still need the occasional rest stop, but the running part is good.
Warmer recent weather has helped so spring time coming soon will be appreciated.
No race plans for the rest of the year at this stage, but may trot around in a mountain running event if the endurance base returns. Really miss the hills, but this flat stuff is good for where I am at the moment.
Yearly distance wise I'm done for this year. If I can make it to 2000 kms, that's great but making it a two decade low. Bugger this injury, lesson learned.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nothing Yet In August

Running:  Nil

Currently in Tasmania visiting family. It's winter here with some reasonable weather at times, no rain but cool/cold.
But not as cold overnight as at home in Canberra where most overnight temps recently are below zero.
Hobart and now on the north west coast are at sea level so those cold frosts are not present.
Similar day time temps around 12-14 degrees.
No running both due to long term hip injury, although getting much better and the cool weather.
The cold hasn't helped, but I have found a " cure" courtesy of my elderly sister-in-law.
She uses Elmore Oil for arthritis & suggested I try it. So far, so good in a few days.
Now we are settled for 8 days before crossing the strait & heading home, I will have a chance to test the running. Hoping to at least restart the base building, I will have lost almost everything.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July - Where Are We ?


Monthly Handicap:
Where:  Little Black Mountain

Distance:  9.00 km
Time;  59' 27"
Rate:  6' 36"
Group start:  27  ( next time 26 )
Finished:  68th

July:  57.6 km,   Year:  1475.6 km

Caught in the middle of still in holiday mode, winter & trying to get this lingering injury fixed.
Ran without purpose or conviction last Sunday at the monthly handicap & consequently finished 3rd last.
I would have loved to be able to run the course hard, it was a ripper and would have suited me perfectly. May be next year.
Diagnosis of the hip problem should be Ok when I can get to a physio to get checked out. But, with travelling, working & no usable time to get to the physio at the moment, I'll either wait until back from Tassie in 3 weeks, or find someone down there.
Problem will be, anywhere, is finding someone I have confidence in.
One of the reasons I have never had a coach or advisor for my running is lack of confidence in believing they know what they are doing.
While July's km total is very low, it's higher than June & the first step towards a return to serious long distance running. The endurance base needs the remainder of this year before " training" can start.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Holiday Update


Where:  Evans Head,  NSW
Fri:  11.7.14 -  6.25 km in 35' 04" at 5' 36" per km
Sat:  12.7.14 -  6.90 km in 37' 48" at 5' 28" per km
Tue:  15.7.14 - 6.90 km in 39' 35" at 5' 44" per km
Wed:  16.7.14 - 7.55 km in 42' 46" at 5' 40" per km

Weather: all days mostly sunny, temps around 18 degrees, humidity 30%-50%, wind calm,
Running surface:  beach sand, ran bare feet
Recovery: 3 times swim after run in ocean 10 minutes

Where:  Black Mountain, Canberra, ACT

Distance: 9.00 km
Time:  98' 19"
Rate:  10' 56" per km ( walk )
Weather:  sunny, nice day, temp 14 degrees, humidity 67%, calm

Week:  9.00 km,  July:  48.6 km,  Year: 1457.6 km

Finally after almost 7 weeks on holidays, arrived back home. From a running point of view, not much happened with only 10 runs, all under 10 kms. 
Hip had been a problem in the cold weather, much better when it's warm. Rest has not fixed the main problem, but it has solved several other small problems.
Back home this week, I had my annual medical for my work bus licence and asked the doctor for his opinion on my hip.
After having my left ( problem) leg moved around in all directions, it appears it's not a hip problem. I had hoped it wasn't a bone socket issue which may not have been fixable.
It appears my stronger quads have overtaken the weaker hip flexor/ groin and an imbalance has caused the soreness. The pain has moved down the leg to be in the high quad area.
He advises a few trip to the physio and thinks this may solve the problem. If not, an e-ray/scan may be needed. There is improvement, base endurance is not all lost. The walk today was easy.
Just a matter of slow forward progress. There is a plan in place to increase the base & once pain free, focus on next year's target event.