Two Fruits

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 - Year All Done


Distance:  4,239.25 kms in 52 weeks and one day at ave  81.3 kms ( up from 81.25 kms at week 51)

Last 8 days:  95.4 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 152,940 metres in 52 weeks and one day at ave 2,933 metres ( up from 2,914 metres at week 51)

Last 8 days:  4,301 metres

Strava:  155,128 metres

So ends another year of running and in my case climbing heaps of hills and mountains.
First half of the year slightly better than second half with most of October spent on mainland Australia on a holiday where any running was just to stay in the routine.
Heaps of local running on the big hill behind Hobart called Mt Wellington. Peaking at 1,271 mtres above sea level most trips started near sea level and accounted for much of the yearly vertical and distance.
Some outside the local area running was done in the north of the state including Gone Nuts 101 km March ( hilly coastal) and Convicts & Wenches 50 kms in April( coastal trail & beach) being main race events. Later in the year, August, a Rail / Trail 52 kms race( old railway line ) was done up north. New event, liked this one. Compass Club South conducted their 2nd marathon at the southern most point on Australia. A perfect weather day for end of Sept.
Travelled to the mainland for Neverest Challenge in Canberra in March where I did 30 laps up and down Mt Ainslie for 60 kms with 4,900 metres of vertical. Completed the rest of the challenge over the next few days to make the full 8,848 metres required for the height of Mt Everest. Love this event, it is special to me.
Also on the mainland, again to Canberra, I did a 12 hour night run at Kowen Forest in early Sept completing 60 kms in just over 11 hours ( a full next lap to count would have taken time past 12 hours and not been counted).
Also started my Parkrun career having now done 20 with 3 times volunteering as well. These are good fun as well as adding a bit of speed into aging legs. First two Parkruns were in Cairns in far north Qld with another couple at Fingal bay at Port Stephens on central coast of NSW. Remaining Parkruns were local Hobart.
Triple Top Mountain run was held in Nov also in the north of the state on a beautiful sunny day. Which was just as well as what should have been around 4 hours turned into 11 hours with a female running friend of mine falling a smashing up her ankle. Waited with her for the helicopter to get her out 5-6 hours later. Finished the run in the dark, but all good in the end.
Then there was running in the snow during winter on Mt Wellington & local higher hills. Certainly a highlight of the year. Absolutely beautiful in the white powdery stuff.
Also got out and about for fun adventure trips including Mt Field National Park, Tasman peninsular for Fortescue Bay Three Capes track, Florentine Valley to run with the leeches and the double trig/rock pile of Platform Peak & Mt Dromedary. That was a great day.
The year wasn't all good on the family health front with my brother-in-law suffering firstly a heart attack ( 6 blocked arteries) leading to kidney failure ( 3 times a week dialysis now). That has set the family back a bit as he is single & lives alone. Needs assistance, not daily, but has blunted our ability to get away more often & for longer.
This year, 2019, certainly won't be as big as last. I don't have the desire to push those up hill metres so if can get over 100k for the year, that will do.
Looking forward to another year of getting out, staying healthy & fit, putting more on more rock piles & taking more photos. Probably won't need new shoes until mid year when the next sale is on at the local running shoe store.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Week 51 - Nearly There

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  4,153.85 kms in 51 weeks at ave  81.25 kms ( down from  81.7 kms at week 50)

Last week:  58.45 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 148,639 metres in 51 weeks at ave  2,914 metres ( down from 2,924 metres at week 50)

Last week:  2,444 metres

Strava:    150,782 metres

A 5 day running week with Monday a rest day after the long day out on Sunday at Florentine valley.
Then Friday off as well, slightly unintentional. Busy in the morning then a big storm in the afternoon put any run plans away.
No Parkrun this week either as my turn on duty, handed out the finish tokens. Still managed the usual trip up Mt Direction as I would have done anyway after everyone had finished the run.
With a week and a day to go this year, not much to do as goals have been reached or are close.
Garmin vertical metres are just a good hilly run away. Strava vertical metres done. Distance target reached.
Next year's targets won't be this high. Might see if I can lower the Parkrun Pb by a minute. That will mean giving up some vertical in exchange for more oval speed sessions.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Week 50 - A Big Week ( And A Correction )

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  4,085.4 kms in 50 weeks at ave  81.7 kms ( up from 81.1 kms at week 48)

Last week:  111.3 kms

Altitude:   Garmin - 146,195 metres in 50 weeks at ave  2,924 metres ( up from 2,899 metres at week 49)
Last week:  4,143 metres

Strava:   148,401 metres

Looks like I have my average figures for the year out by a week. Back in October ( while away on holidays), I have updated by 4 weeks instead of 5 weeks).
While it doesn't change to actual distance and vertical figures, it drops the weekly averages down a bit. Sorry to mislead.
I still have another 2 weeks to get to yearly target which will be quite doable. However, there is no way now I can average 3000 metres of vert per week for the year. Guess that's what happens when you switch off the challenge & enjoy a few weeks away doing not much.
This week was a good one with a nice beach run day on Wednesday when the sun shine was welcome with some warm temps. The other days of the week all had good distance & vertical. Included in that is a good Parkrun at Hobart's Risdon Brook Dam where I ran just 6 seconds outside my Parkrun best time at the venue. It has a 4 small but significant hills so is not a fast course.
However, today Monday writing this I am a little tired so a well deserved day off has been taken. Sunday's run/walk was through button grass plain & bush bashing so a day off will also help heal all the scratches on lower legs as forgot, or decided against, wearing the gaiters. Will remember next time.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week 48 - Making Last 3 Weeks More Difficult

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,974.1 kms in 48 weeks at ave  82.8 kms ( down from 83.2 kms at week 47)

Last week:  61.6 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 142,052 metres in 48 weeks at ave  2,959 metres ( down from 2,988 metres at week 48)

Last week: 1,620 metres

Strava: 144,339 metres

What happens when you get an unpleasant rainy day on Monday, a busy getting ready for a short break away on Tuesday, 3 days on a flat beach to run up and down Wed to Fri.
That put pressure on Sat & Sun to get something down to make the week look acceptable.
Lesson learned many times is you can't do catch up in short term.
Almost a usual Sat ( Parkrun with hilly cool down) and a short run on Sunday.
Only need 25 kms for the year for 4000 kms so that's under control.
Vert has a bit more to do to make 150,000 metres but with only 8000 metres ( Garmin) to do in 3 weeks plus one day at weekly ave of 2650 metres per week, that's under average.
The year has played out well. No sickness or injuries to stop consistency. The weather has mostly been good enough to get good vert up the local big mountain whenever needed. Winter snow has been more patchy than last year. We had plenty of snowy days, but basically the winter temps were too warm for the snow to hang around for very long. Gone in a few days, so needed to be on the ball to get up there asap after the big dump.
Summer running means snakes are out and about. With Tasmania being the home of the tiger snake, world's 4th most venomous, extreme care must be taken on single trails. Wider fire trails at least allow some sighting before getting too close.
Fortunately, mobile phone reception is good & evacuation by helicopter is free if urgently required. Carry a first aid kit, snake bite bandage & phone, wear long gaiters if going off the main fire trails & all should be Ok.
Weather permitting, a good dent should be made this upcoming week.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Week 47 - Into Last Month Of The Year

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,912.5 kms in 47 weeks at ave  83.2 kms ( down from 83.5 kms at week 46)
Last week:  70.7 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 140,432 metres in 47 weeks at ave  2,988 metres ( up from 2,986 metres at week 46 )

Last week:  3,082 metres

Strava:  143,116 metres

A week of near maintenance of yearly totals. Nothing exciting to report doing just the usual trails on local hills.
One rest day and one walk day with longest run of 16 kms. Local Parkrun on Saturday morning was on the slow side for me but still acceptable.
To improve this, really one speed or faster session each week.
Otherwise, all good as December will be an easy end to the year with yearly target within reach.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Week 46 - Nicely Maintaining Averages

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,841.8 kms in 46 weeks at ave  83.5 kms ( up from 83.4 kms at week 45)

Last week:  87.9 kms

Altitude: Garmin - 137,350 metres in 46 weeks at ave  2,986 metres ( same as week 45)

Last week: 2,983 metres

Strava:  140,011 metres

The week has seen no real change in both distance & vert yearly averages. Ran on 6 days & a controlled power walk last Monday as a recovery day. Weather was spring like on Monday then proceeded to go back to winter as the low pressure system rolled in with strong southerly winds & showers.
Consequently, there were no mountain running days to the summit as conditions all week were very " unfavourable". That's run speak for miserable with below zero temps, strong winds & some snow. So stay away from the high parts, and do a few repeats of local hills as is necessary.
Highlight of the week was a return to Parkruns after missing a few weeks. Ran an all time Pb on a new course as my usual Parkrun was cancelled to the area was taken over for army training exercises.
This one is dead flat at sea level but on concrete bike paths. Normally, my Parkrun is on an undulating gravel surface and around a minute slower then on the concrete.
At some stage, spring weather will return but it's meant to be summer in a week. Better hurry up or we miss out all together.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Week 45 - All About The Vert

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  3,753.9 kms in 45 weeks at ave  83.4 kms ( same as week 44)

Last week:  82.95 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 134,367 metres in 45 weeks at ave  2,986 metres ( up from 2,964 metres at week 44)
Last week:  3,930 metres

Strava: - 136,945 metres

In maintenance mode now with no run events now for remainder of the year. Some Canberra running friends will be in Tassie in early next year, so I will have to be ready to go.
The main reason for the big vert figure was 2 days spent on lower Mt Wellington slopes assisting Police & SES in a search for a missing Hobart man. Unfortunately, it didn't end well.
But I did get good distance & vert as we covered the tracks & trails that quad bikes & trail bikes could not go & were difficult for the helicopter to see.
A travel day on Monday back from Triple Top run in the north of the state & a 5 km walk to the river day after a massage, meant a 5 day run week. So happy with how it all panned out.
A good Saturday run/fast walk on Saturday up Mt Wellington on a beautiful sunny & mostly calm with a Canberra running friend topped up a nice run week.
Monday recovery day. Certainly will have a trip to the river. No problems at the moment, massage found nothing so it's all go, just nice and easy.