Two Fruits

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 17 - Getting Close to Neverest

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,664.45 kms in 17 weeks at ave  97.9 kms  ( down from 99.2 kms in week 16)

Last week:  77.45 kms

Altitude:  36,498 metres in 17 weeks at ave  2,147 metres ( down from  2,170 metres in week 16)

Last week:  1,770 metres

Most runners would know that tapering is difficult mentally as you should be at the top of your fitness game and ready to go.
Holding back, but still doing a bit. Easier said than done. Better to keep yourself busy with other things than worry about running.
I did a bit on each of the 3 days of the long weekend just gone. A good run on Saturday over to Mt Rob Roy where unfortunately I took a tumble. Kicked a rock, almost saved the fall, but still hit the ground. Skin off the right hand, left elbow & left leg. Injuries healing Ok, but hand has the biggest damage and will take time.
I bought a new pair of light weight semi padded gloves to protect if I fall again.
Neverest, a fund raising event on Mt Ainslie is on this Saturday. The gun runners, relay teams and the bike riders will be aiming to get to or past 8828 metres in altitude gain. That's the height of Mt Everest in Nepal. The fund raising is to assist with rebuilding schools in Nepal following the two earthquakes last year.
I'll be aiming for 6,000 metres in up hill. But to do that, I'll need to go around 80 kms in distance.
That's going to be a long tough day. I just hope all those altitude metres mentioned above get me through. We will see how I go.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 16 - Tapering Has Started

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,587.00 kms in 16 weeks at ave  99.2 kms ( down from 100.6 kms in week 15)

Last week:  77.9 kms

Altitude:  34,728 metres in 16 weeks at ave  2,170 metres ( up from 2,158 metres in week 15)

Last week:  2,360 metres

Only highlight of the past week was a wonderful but tough run/jog/walk & crawl along the southern end of the Bullen Range on Sunday.
Saturday was spent on top of Mt Tennent helping at the drink station/finish line during the ACT mountain running championships. Managed a couple of short jogs down the fire trail while waiting for the runners to arrive.
Sunday on Bullen Range was a great day. Out for 5 and half hours of moving time, around 6 hours total time for 40.4 kms with 1,650 metres of up hill. We just went up and down every slope we could find. Explored some side tracks , touched a few trig points as well as went down to the Deep Space Communications Centre to take a look up close.
The company of Gwynn who is doing UTA 50 km in the Blue Mountains in a couple of weeks time, made the day very pleasant indeed. Stopped at the river for a 10 minute relax, the water temp is getting cooler now that the summer heat has gone.
A good week, a few less kms off setting the increase in altitude.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Week 15 - Getting Harder to Mainatain Average

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,509.1 kms in 15 weeks at ave  100.6 kms  ( up from 100.3 kms in week 14)

Last week:  104.6 kms

Altitude:  32,368 metres in 15 weeks at ave  2,158 metres ( down from 2,162 metres in week 14 )

Last week:  2,100 metres

The past few weeks have been a struggle to maintain let alone increase the weekly averages. There has been only one week below 100 kms in past 11 weeks. That was the week leading up to and after the 6 hour on Sat 19th March.
However, it's only 2 weeks now to Neverest, so if I can just get past these next 5-7 days without a problem, then it's time to taper. One more long hilly run on Sunday, that should do it.
Nothing too different in week just gone with a good run up Mt Rob Roy, my 74th time on this mountain on Sunday. It's close to home, off road running all the way and you get both good distance and altitude.
A little tired this week as well partly due to going back to work. I start work early, the alarm goes off at 5:15 in the morning. It's dark going to work, it's getting cool as well as autumn takes hold. I'm not an early morning person. Retirement from work is getting close and looking forward to it.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 14 - Just Average

Running:  Year To Date

Distance:  1,404.5 kms in 14 weeks at ave  100.3 kms  ( up from 100.16 km in week 13 )

Last week:   102.4 kms

Altitude:  30,268 metres in 14 weeks at ave  2,162 metres ( up from 2,104 metres in week 13 )

Last week:  2,910 metres

A fairly average week to maintain weekly averages for the year. Highlights were a really good double trip over Mt Tennent on Saturday ( 28 kms) with  1600 metres of up hill finally breaking the 4 hour mark for the first time in 3 years.
Then backed that up with a nice walk along the fire trail on the western side of Googong Dam on Sunday ( 20 kms) with just under 500 metres of up hill. Just under 4 hours of walking time.
Sunday was the 21st and may be the last one with the group from work since we started in Sept 2012.
Otherwise, mixed up some shorter running with a few low hills.
Still trying to focus on Neverest at the end of the month but getting side tracked by house repairs, packing & decluttering.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week 13 - 3 Months Gone

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  1,302.1 kms in 13 weeks at ave  100.16 kms  ( up from 98.7 kms at week 12)

Last week:  117.7 kms

March:   445.55 kms

Altitude:  27,358 metres in 13 weeks at ave  2,104 metres ( up from 2,068 metres at week 12)

Last week:  2,542 metres

March:   9,100 metres

Finally managed to crack the 100 kms per week average and bring the altitude metres back over the 2,100 metres.
A good week now back to routine with Easter allowing for a couple of solid long runs on Saturday on Bullen Range ( 33 kms ) and a local hills run on Monday ( 25 kms). Throw in a couple of easy days, slow pace, some walking plus a couple of stops at the river for a bit refreshing recovery.
April has the target of the Neverest Challenge at the end of the month attempting to go up and down Mt Ainslie as many times as possible.
Not much else happening, so consistency without pushing the limits is what it is all about.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Week 12 - 6 Hours Around in Circles

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  1,184.4 kms in 12 weeks at ave  98.7 kms  ( week 11- up from 97.3 kms )

Last week:  113.75 kms

Altitude:  24,816 metres in 12 weeks at ave  2,068 metres ( week 11 - down from 2,153 metres )

Last week:  1,127 metres

I ran a 6 hour event on the track at the AIS last Saturday. That resulted in a slightly higher distance total for the week even allowing for a couple of non running tapering days prior to race day.
But, as the track was dead flat, altitude for the week was well down on the yearly average.
The 6 hour went well covering 62.5 kms at average of 5' 46" per km. Happy with that as I walked only one lap on the hour for the first 4 hours, then one the half hour with a few more shorter walk breaks towards then end when there was no more benefit to pushing the pace.
The out-of-the-blocks leader as expected was John Pearson, world class ultra runner, Coast to Kozi winner last year, Australian captain of world championships teams, and very capable if entered, of running well over 230 kms in 24 hours.
However, carrying a foot injury into the event, he had some problems after 4 hours and slowed allowing me to take a slim lead for a while. But, true champion he is, sorted out his foot injury enough to get running again and soon made up the 4 laps I had gained.
He was running 4'30" per km pace to my 5'15" pace to lead with an hour to go so no chance to apply any pressure.
I was well in front of 3rd place, about 8 laps and moving better inside the last hour, so settled down to enjoy the atmosphere & push only to get my age in years/months the same in kms. Almost exactly achieved that to about 100 metres.
A great day in the 6 hour, then spent a little time watching the others in the 12, 24 & 48 hour continue to go around and around the track.
I didn't run the vet's monthly handicap the next day, only a 2 km walk to mark the course.
Monday, easy 10 kms down to the river for a bit of cold water recovery, Tuesday another easy 13 kms, Wednesday a very hilly 13.8 kms on the hills behind Theodore with just over 600 metres of altitude gain. Today, a slow run down to the river, getting nicely cool now, for 12 mins in the water during a 12 km run.
All good, no problems from the track run, may be a little lingering fatigue & the effects of running on a hard surface.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Week 11 - Tapering to the 6 hour

Running - Year to Date

Distance:   1,070.65 kms in 11 weeks at ave  97.3 kms ( week 10 -  99.3 kms )

Last week:  76.2 kms

Altitude:  23,689 metres in 11 weeks at ave  2,153 metres ( week 10 -  2,174 metres)

Last week:  1,945 metres

A tapering week with a non serious 6 hour track run on this Saturday. At one stage I thought I had a slim chance at the Australian record for my age group standing at 69.88 kms.
However, that record has been pushed out to near 77 kms which at 4' 40" per km for 6 hours is a bit beyond my athletic ability.
So I will just get out there to enjoy running around the track mixing it with the others doing the 48, 24 & 12 hour events. It's great to be able to observe the really good runners just to see how they handle the long time on the track.
This week had a couple of final long training runs with 29 km last Saturday & a 30 km on Monday ( public holiday). Neither had big altitude in them, just enough to get some strength from a few hills.
Otherwise, 3 days off, 2 due to rain & one due to shopping for race day food.