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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Light Drizzle

Distance: 8.2 km
Time: 44' 27"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 21 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week & March: 36.3 km
Year: 866.7 km

The weather forecast was nearly right, but just light drizzle fell while I was out at lunch time. Uninspired to do anything but eat, I forced myself to get out of the chair and do something. I thought about the gym, no, then thought about Mt Taylor, no. Then thought about something short. No Ewen, not Strewth and CJ.
It was one of those runs where you see how the first 100 metres are, then maybe the next corner, then another few steps to the next tree and so it goes on.
A run that finished at the river, where I spent 15 minutes standing in the water while the light drizzle fell. The last 1 km back up the road towards work was the best I have done there for a long time. Seemed so easy.


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