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Friday, August 7, 2009


Running: nil

Picture of me mid afternoon looking a bit buggered about 6 - 7 hours in to the 24 hour. If this photo had been taken 12 hours later during the night, I would have been rugged up in 4 layers of clothes and still cold. I am taking this week easy, still need 10 hours of sleep a night, and the knee soreness has gone. The ITB was the problem, now I am recovering , the niggles have gone. Hope to get a bike ride and a short run done over the weekend.

Sometimes you come across a person that is the mirror image of someone else. In the 24 hour run last weekend, Michelle T from Melbourne is almost a clone of "CJ ".

Maybe not exactly in looks, but the rest of each of them is the same. Same shape, same size, same age, same running style and at the moment, both out with injuries. The running style is so similar that when catching each, or in my case, when either one goes past, you could not tell the difference.

At least I now remember how " CJ" used to run. It's been a while and the memory is slowly fading. So Michelle, if you happen to read this, and I told you about your clone.

Good luck to all those competing in City to Surf on Sunday. Hope you all enjoy it, the hill is not that hard.


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