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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monthly Handicap - Mt Taylor

Distance: warm up - mark course 7.0 km plus run 1.25 km
Race : distance - 7.0 km - day total 15.25 km
Race : time - 32' 02"
Race: pace - 4' 32" per km
Finish place: 54 / 90
Weather: cloudy becoming sunny, temp 6 degrees with strong west wind 25 kmph, humidity 55%,
Week: 15.25 km, August: 369.1 km, Year: 2954.0 km

Some one this morning said there was a light snow flurry as the weather cleared before the running of the monthly handicap. I didn't see it but it certainly was cold enough. The wind was very friendly, going straight through instead of easing it's way around.
Arrived early to mark the course with the marshalls, so a walk of 7 km served as a warm up with a short run to get the running legs moving.
The run warm up was pleasing but that soon disappeared with the 1 km up hill start as the group took off at speed. A lack of fast running showed during the race, the last km down hill was good with a pace well under 4:00 minutes pleasing, even if assisted by the wind and gravity. At least the legs remember how to get going.
Didn't pass too many, a couple of faster runners swept past even if they had run the half marathon last weekend.
Good morning after a cold start, I miss the racing part of running, should do more of it.


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