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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Checking Out

Distance: 22.9 km
Time: 2 hrs 4 mins 11 secs
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 20 kmph
Week: 22.9 km, Sept: 176.75 km, Year: 3320.6 km

Checked out EPIC to see if there are any nice caravans on the road, checked out Belconnen markets to see if the fruit & veges on the north side are as good as the south side, checked out my nephew's house to see his new bathroom, checked the Arboretum to see how churned up the tracks are for this month's handicap.
Then I ran from the Arboretum to home to check out any fatigue from yesterday's outing at the Cotter.
So the answers were : yes, no, yes, yes, no. The aye's have it. Case dismissed.
Nice day, about time, pity the forecast again is showers and windy. But it is spring.
Well done to the Glasshouse runners, great spot to be in Sept whether doing 100 kms or 100 miles. May be next year ?


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