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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mt Taylor - Handicap No 163

Day- distance: 18.35 km including race 7.0 km
Day- time: 1 hr 52 mins 45 - race time 30' 42"
Day - Rate: 6' 08 " race rate - 4 ' 23" per km
Race finish place: 49th
Weather: sunny, temp at 9 am, 7 degrees, humidity 67%, wind calm
Week: 18.35 km, August: 277.7 km, Year: 3127.35 km

Race day over the fire trail on the Torrens side of Mt Taylor. A gentle undulating course on a good gravel surface with a few exposed rocks to jump over just to keep the mind focused. Luckily only two required first aid attention from falls, not too bad on this course.
Started well, and ran Ok all the way even without too much speed to catch Jen & CJ. Caught Strewth with a km or so to go. Happy with the effort, should move me closer to the point score leaders with 3 races to go and being able to drop a couple of the worst results.
Corrected rate after course difficulty should again see sub 4 minute pace, close to my group rate but not being penalized by the handicapper.


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