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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Calwell Oval - 20 Laps in Lane 5

Purpose: Easy Tempo
Distance: 9.75 km
Time:  44' 37"
Rate: 4' 35"  ( includes cool down 1.2 kms at 4' 50" ave pace)
Later at Pine Is.
Distance: 2.45 kms in 13' 12" at 5' 23" p.k.
Weather: sunny, temp 27 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm

Week:  42.2 km,  Jan & Year:  275.1 km

Fairly standard beaut morning at Calwell oval on the newly cut grass. New, as in I had to wait a couple of times for the mower to go past. The blades cut across 4 lanes of the running track at a time.
The oval had been watered early morning or overnight, slightly wet & lovely soft on the top side.
The lanes had also been oiled so the track is in tip top shape.
Running bare feet, usual 5 laps at a time, short break for a drink, then off again. Change of direction, finished off with a cool down before driving home for lunch.
Then drove to Pine Is for a swim. Before that, another 2.45 kms to add to the daily total. Plenty of mums & small kids about on a very nice afternoon.
Another good summer's day, it's not hard to take this lovely weather.


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