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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Week 51 - Easing Down

Running:  Year to Date.

Distance: 3,926.95 kms in 51 weeks at ave   77.0 kms  ( down from 77.9 kms in week 50)

Last week:  58.25 kms

Altitude:  102,211 metres in 51 weeks at ave  2,004 metres ( down from 2,010 metres in week 50)

Last week: 1,712 metres

With mission accomplished last week for vertical for the year, distance is the next challenge.
At this stage, it shouldn't be much of a task providing there are no mishaps over the next 9 days.
That really will be 8 days as I'm unlikely to run on Christmas Day.
Highlight of this past week was finally getting to the top of Mt Wellington after a real challenge on the rocky trail through an area known as the Lost World.
It's basically a large rocky area underneath a big rock ledge where the track disappears and you follow some red markings that seem to vanish. So, rightly, we missed a turn & got " lost".
A very slow section where we managed to cover 4 kms in an hour. Good fun up here, great views & well worth the effort.
The top of the mountain was cold & windy as the clouds closed in. Later in the day, those clouds turned to rain, then snow fell ( as usual at almost 1300 metres above sea level) and the Pinnacle Road was closed to traffic.
All good as the year comes to a close. Final weekly update and end of year report is all that is left of 2016. Next year ?  Who knows !!


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