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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Week 37 - Right On Average

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,168.00 kms in 37 weeks at ave  85.6 kms ( up from 85.5 kms at week 36)

Last week:  88.00 kms

Altitude:  Garmin - 116,177 metres in 37 weeks at ave  3,140 metres ( up from 3,137 metres at week 36)
Strava:  118,633 metres

Last week: 3,240 metres

The Kowen 12 hour night run was now 2 weeks ago. But, there was still some fatigue at the beginning of this week. A couple of very easy ( meaning slow) runs on Monday & Tuesday, a short walk on Wednesday, meant the latter part of the week had all the hard work in those 4 days.
Friday was the main day, almost the weekend long hilly run, with 19 kms & 1300 metres of vert doing a triple up and down Goat Hill near home.
Parkrun then on Saturday was very average, just under 25 mins for 5 kms. But backed up afterwards with a nice climb up a nearby hill, Grassy Tree Hill. I usually do an after Parkrun hilly run. Just part of the training plan.
There is a small rock pile on the summit that I add a rock to each visit. Going to take a long time to increase the height of this one. 
Another 2 weeks now until Australia's southern most marathon in the far south of Tasmania. Beyond the coast is Antarctica. Weather permitting, it's very scenic & spectacular. If weather is not so good, the wind will blow you off your feet. Could easily be rain & snow. 


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