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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Still Slowing

Distance: 9.25 km
Time: 49' 43"
Rate: 5' 21" per km
Weather: nice, sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 30%, calm
Week: 47.55 km
March: 74.05 km
Year: 959.5 km

Nice day to get in an easy final jog, down to Pine Is, along to Point Hut on the river track, back to Pine Is for a refreshing 15 minutes in the water, then back to work. The sand on the beach is just rough enough to kick about to prevent blisters on Saturday.
The weather has been perfect through the middle of the day this week. Pity I am tapering again as it would have been good to get a few 20 km runs in while the chance is there.
I won't run again until Saturday morning which will be difficult if I get a few hours off mid morning on Thurs and Fri. Two days will be a struggle, how would I handle a long term not being able to run.
Thanks to Strewth, CJ and softshoeshuffle's best wishes for a good run on Saturday, I can only do my best, but whatever, I always enjoy the day. I may be a bit mad, it helps, but then nearly 800 others are just the same.


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