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Friday, February 27, 2009

What Recession, No one wants my Business

Calwell oval: 20 laps in Lane 5
Distance: 9.2 km in 38' 54" at 4' 14" per km ave
Cool down: 1.5 km in 6' 44" at 4' 29" per km ave
Weather: sun through high cloud, temp 27 degrees, humidity 60%, light nthy wind at 10 kmph
Week: 92.1 km
Feb: 367.5 km
Year: 800.85 km

First, the important part of the day was the running at the oval. Rode the mtn bike down and back as a warm up and cool down. Managed to stay upright both times, even with only front brakes. Similar to the usual sessions, 4 sets of 5 laps, short rest between each set, changed direction each set, ran bare feet. The grass is a good as it gets, mowed and watered during the week, just great.
Not an all out session, long run tomorrow so didn't want to be tired for that. Started out to run 2 minute laps in lane 5, but gradually got faster without trying. Each 5 lap set 10 seconds faster than previous set, 1st 5 laps in 9'58", 2nd in 9'48", 3rd in 9' 38" and last in 9' 28". Didn't mean to be that exact, just how it turned out. Short cool down, only one other person in the area, a runner doing sprints over 100 metres, plenty of rest between each.
At home today, I tried to change my Internet from my slow but reliable dial-up plan to a modest broadband plan. No ISP I talked to is interested unless you spend mega bucks on full packages. All I need is 2 - 3gb per month to free up the phone line and provide faster download speed. I don't download music or movies, don't spend hours looking at foreign sites to fill in time. BigPond for example have a plan that starts at 12 gb per month at $ 60. Much too much for my needs. Grapevine is through Transact, they want a full phone & Internet plan but don't have unlimited STD phone calls, most of our family are interstate. That also eliminates other Transact providers like Netspeed. Optus said they don't have facilities in my suburb but I think they tell fibs. Any one have any more suggestions, no one wants my business?


  • The cheapest BigPond plan is about $30 a month - easy to go over the download limit though. I think mine is about $50. I've seen others for $30. Dodo? Worth getting. Much faster and there are some good running video clips out there.

    Yes, Calwell is unbelievable at the moment. Twice a week is barely enough.

    By Blogger Ewen, At February 27, 2009 at 9:32 PM  

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