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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Heading North

Running: Nil

We moved north after a week at Hervey Bay. Lovely place, but quite busy traffic wise.
Weather and park were really nice but neither have been bettered as we head to and past the Tropic of Capricorn.
After a quick visit to our friends on the way out, we hit the Bruce Hwy, not the best road in Australia with plenty of very big trucks and tourist traffic.
An overnight stay at Calliope surrounded by 50 similar minded travellers. A rest area, no charge, must be on of the best free road side camps in Qld.
Then a second free camp night at Camila beach, not as good but a lovely spot. We are set up to stay away from parks and power for a long time, so free camping is fun and cheap.
Last two days at a caravan park at Midge Point on Repulse Bay opposite the Whitsundays, but the weather has turned bad with rain and it's cold. The locals are feeling the mid teens temps, today lucky to be 15 degrees, Rockhampton had a top temp of 15 and Mackay a top of 13 degrees. Not much to do except a short walk around the park between showers.  Luckily we get a TV reception, not that there is much to watch.
Moving tomorrow to Townsville or beyond towards Cairns, not sure yet.


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