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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cotter - Not The Best

Distance:  24.00 km
Time:  2 hrs 47 mins 05 secs
Rate: 6' 58" per km
Elevation gain:  570 metres
Weather:  cloudy, temp range 9-16 degrees, humidity 99% down to 70%, wind calm
Week:  69.15 km, Oct:  120.00 km,  Year:  2018.8 km

Run No 153 at the Cotter in some form or another, mostly full distance starting from the picnic area.
Four of us turned up with many away. I had been knocked down by a lurgy late in the week and felt lethargic, no energy. Blocked up in the chest & sinuses didn't help especially with a big hilly start.
Took it really easy up Mt McDonald, then opted for wimp's way to Bullocks Paddock Road.
Two of the others ran jelly legs, but the wet weather & heavy machinery has wrecked the track and made it very difficult. Definitely a dry weather option.
Struggled on to Vanities Crossing where the water level is high over the weir, the water fast flowing and very cold. Painful by the time we crossed.
It took a good while after leaving to get feeling back in to the legs. We walked the first 1 km or so before slowly getting back into a jog.
Spent the afternoon mostly asleep & dosed up with medicine. Hopefully, with another rest day tomorrow watching the Bathurst 1000 km, I may be able to run on Monday, a public holiday in the ACT.


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