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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week 5 - Up and Go

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  442.65 kms  in 5 weeks at ave  88.5 kms  ( up from 87.3 km last week )

Last week:  93.4 kms

Altitude gain:  9,463 metres in 5 weeks at ave  1,892 metres ( up from 1,824 metres last week)

Last week:  2,165 metres

A good week just gone with a rest day on Monday.
Highlight of the week was a great trip along the Bullen Range which accounted for a 38% of the distance, 35 kms and 67% of the altitude, 1450 metres.
I had the company of my usual Saturday morning running mate plus a female who has been training for Buffalo Stampede marathon. Plus a newie getting ready for his first Six Foot Track.
We had a good morning, out for over 4 and half hours of moving time plus some rest breaks. Stopped at the river at Point Hut on our way home for a beaut 15 minutes in the cool water, so nice.
First vet's athletic club monthly running handicap the next day over the short 6 kms. Started out Ok, just consistent, but dropped off the pace with 2 kms to go. Nothing unexpected, all good.
Rain early on Monday, then found myself a bit busy to run, so called it a rest day.
Tuesday's easy run started out terrible, legs not in sync with the head. Rest day's don't seem to help. After first km, stopped at the river to try to get the legs feeling Ok. recent rain has increased the water level, plus knocked a degree or two off the water temperature. It's back to a cool/mild temp, so now having a real beneficial effect. Worked wonders after 8 minutes, so continued my run which improved heaps.
The upcoming weeks will hopefully see less altitude and more distance as the training continues towards a 6 hour track run in mid March.
No problems at this stage, all good.


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