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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 46 - On the Up

Running:   Year to Date

Distance:  3,816.2 kms in 46 weeks at ave   82.9 km  ( up from 82.6 kms last week )

Week:  97.7 kms    Nov:  204.5 kms

Altitude:  67,384 metres in 46 weeks at ave  1,465 metres  ( up from  1,455 metres last week )

Week:  1,919 metres   Nov:  3,893 metres

Finally the tide has turned and the weekly figures have exceeded the yearly averages. A good week with 6 days of running. A day off due to rain and an excuse to have a rest day.
Highlights of the week both occurred over the weekend with an exploration run on Saturday on the Cotter end of the Bullen Range. Then Sunday I was last runner in the Triple Tri team where I managed to get the team home in under 12 hours. My 13.8 kms there, advertised as 13 km, had me pushing hard. The hilly first part over Red Hill trig was Ok, but the last 7 kms of hard surfaced bike path was not to my liking. I'm definitely a train runner. Finished off with 9 kms easy jog to get back to transition where I started to collect the car.
A top weekend, I have recovered well, just a little tired. I have had 4 sessions in 3 days in the cool water of the river near where I work. Twice I have stopped for a 5 minute cool down just after starting to run on Monday & today. Monday also a 2nd session at completion of my easy recovery day.
All good at the moment and  back to the familiar fire trails with plenty of hills.


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