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Thursday, January 7, 2016

A New Year - 2016


Distance:  98.8 kms  in first week

Altitude:  1,827 metres in first week

We start a new year leaving behind the good and the bad from 2015.
So far, so good with this week slightly above the final averages from last year.
Couple of highlights, a nice Saturday morning run at the Cotter to farewell Clint who is heading to New Zealand to work & live.
The day before and the first day of the year I headed to the grass running track to run 25 laps in lane 5. A good session with 11.4 kms done in 50 mins. As usual, ran bare feet on the grass which was in reasonable condition at the time and would be much better with the rain we had on Tuesday.
That meant a day off running, very welcome to have an excuse to rest after 13 straight days without a spell.
But, the next day, as I have experienced before, was terrible with the legs just not wanting to move with rhythm.
Off to a solid start, plenty to work on in these early weeks & months of 2016.


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