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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Week 13 - 3 Months Gone

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  1,302.1 kms in 13 weeks at ave  100.16 kms  ( up from 98.7 kms at week 12)

Last week:  117.7 kms

March:   445.55 kms

Altitude:  27,358 metres in 13 weeks at ave  2,104 metres ( up from 2,068 metres at week 12)

Last week:  2,542 metres

March:   9,100 metres

Finally managed to crack the 100 kms per week average and bring the altitude metres back over the 2,100 metres.
A good week now back to routine with Easter allowing for a couple of solid long runs on Saturday on Bullen Range ( 33 kms ) and a local hills run on Monday ( 25 kms). Throw in a couple of easy days, slow pace, some walking plus a couple of stops at the river for a bit refreshing recovery.
April has the target of the Neverest Challenge at the end of the month attempting to go up and down Mt Ainslie as many times as possible.
Not much else happening, so consistency without pushing the limits is what it is all about.


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