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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 8 - A Big Up Week

Running:  Year to Date

Distance: 779.2 kms in 8 weeks at ave  97.4 km ( up from 96.9 kms )

Last week:  100.9 kms

Altitude:  16,263 metres in 8 weeks at ave 2033 metres ( up from 1917 metres)

Last week:  2841 metres

A solid week with a rest day on Monday. It came in handy as the weekend had been big with a Mt Tennent triple up and down on Saturday, then a good but easy track session on Sunday.
Mt Tennent proved to be very tiring as 2 of us finished with 41 kms with 2188 metres of up hill. Many others did doubles & some did just the one up and back down.
Quads Ok, but legs basically knew they had done plenty. It's the down hill that really knocks them about.
Monday would have been a short easy day, but had a few things to do, so that meant a welcome rest day. The trend is continuing upward both in distance & altitude over the past month or so.
As a result of the track sessions on a Sunday afternoon, the cruise training pace ( junk easy kms) are now around 15-20 seconds per km faster than last last year.
All going well, no problems & enjoying this warm late summer weather.


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