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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Week 17 - Getting Close to Neverest

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,664.45 kms in 17 weeks at ave  97.9 kms  ( down from 99.2 kms in week 16)

Last week:  77.45 kms

Altitude:  36,498 metres in 17 weeks at ave  2,147 metres ( down from  2,170 metres in week 16)

Last week:  1,770 metres

Most runners would know that tapering is difficult mentally as you should be at the top of your fitness game and ready to go.
Holding back, but still doing a bit. Easier said than done. Better to keep yourself busy with other things than worry about running.
I did a bit on each of the 3 days of the long weekend just gone. A good run on Saturday over to Mt Rob Roy where unfortunately I took a tumble. Kicked a rock, almost saved the fall, but still hit the ground. Skin off the right hand, left elbow & left leg. Injuries healing Ok, but hand has the biggest damage and will take time.
I bought a new pair of light weight semi padded gloves to protect if I fall again.
Neverest, a fund raising event on Mt Ainslie is on this Saturday. The gun runners, relay teams and the bike riders will be aiming to get to or past 8828 metres in altitude gain. That's the height of Mt Everest in Nepal. The fund raising is to assist with rebuilding schools in Nepal following the two earthquakes last year.
I'll be aiming for 6,000 metres in up hill. But to do that, I'll need to go around 80 kms in distance.
That's going to be a long tough day. I just hope all those altitude metres mentioned above get me through. We will see how I go.


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