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Sunday, February 25, 2007

ACT Veteran's Handicap

Distance: 6.3km plus warm up 1.3km
Race time: 25'00"
Rate: 3'58" per km
Weather: mild,cloudy,temp range 17-19 degrees,humidity 60%
Finish result: 22nd

I had no idea how I would run today backing up after yesterday's 28.5km. The first 2.5km are steady uphill and I thought I would struggle, but that was not the case. Ran really well catching several runners from groups in front early and running away after passing the horse paddocks. Much faster downhill today with all kms then well under 4.00 min per km.
Passed the main bunch with about 1km to go but the leaders had too much start including CJ, ran strongly to the finish, the handicapper will be impressed. Looks like I go back another group after today, soon I will be starting with the good runners.
I always feel as though I run well if the back markers don't catch me and only one did today.
Organised for a massage tomorrow so no running, might just go for a bike ride on Tuesday and run again on Wednesday, easing down and freshening up are now the priorities.


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