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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Different Hills

Distance: 16.8km
Time: 96 mins 45 secs
Rate: 5'45" per km
Weather: PM run, cloudy,light NW breeze, temp 22 degrees, humidity 70%

A run I do more often in winter than any other time of the year for no real reason I did today just because I needed a change of scenery. After work runs are always a struggle to get done both mentally and physically and there was no inspiration from the weather, same as the last week without the showers.

Started out from home down Ashley Dr to Gowrie and into the Wanniassa Hills nature park. Climbed the hill to the trig and down the back where the track goes left to Isaacs or right towards MacArthur and Chisholm. Turned right on what was previously a nice single file bush track, but the laws of bush fire prevention have now created a bitumen fire trail across the top of the nature park. May have to now go down to Long Gully road and go across the open paddocks instead to keep some grass under foot. The track goes behind Karralika and eventually reaches Isabella Dr and Fadden Pines. Continue down the bike path to Ashley Dr and back home.

Nothing to report about the run, didn't even see a kangaroo.


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