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Monday, October 8, 2007

Down & Out

Distance: nil

Saturday I had a good run over at Stromlo and Black Mountain in good conditions without any problems. All was looking good for Orroral Valley Classic this weekend and BC in two weeks time. Went to work on Saturday night, a bit over 5 hours and not many people about. However started to develop a sore throat during the night which I thought was just symptom of a long run and generally being a little tired.
Sunday was always to be a day of rest watching the cars at Bathurst. Gradually, I went downhill developing a blocked nose and sinuses so I took a few pills to keep the germs at bay. Organised myself for work and decided to not take any running gear and have another day to recover. An early start this morning meant in the shower and breakfast at 6:00am, but that was as far as it got. Nearly finished showering and started to go light headed, the legs went from under me and down I went. Can't remember the moments after that until I was being held up feeling dreadful.
Back to bed, ring work, I won't be in today, and in bed I stayed until 3:00 this afternoon. I seem to have recovered enough now and all being OK, I should be able to go to work tomorrow, no running of course. Unscheduled rest but it won't do any harm. This was my first sick day off work since for over 5 years, just my 3rd day off since I started nearly 15 years ago.
The lessons to be learnt, listen to what is happening, recognise the signs, don't push the limits too far, do that hard yards early in any training program so that any setbacks late won't stop you getting to the start line.
I don't know how I would handle a long term absence from running,(or work for that matter through injury) I do feel for CJ at present and Liz a couple of years ago off with major injuries.
I just need to get back into the groove slowly, still plenty ahead to do.


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