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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What's On After Brindabella Classic


Distance: Nil

As mentioned, I rested today and am glad I did. With the wind blowing the cream out of the coffee, the birds trying to fly north would have finished in Antarctica.

I have studied the ultra calendar trying for make plans for next year. With BC later this month, I have a few dates already allocated before the end of the year.

Orroral Valley classic on Sun 14th Oct, BC ( 54 km) on Sun 21st Oct, Two Peaks ( 26 km)on Sat 10th Nov, Mtn leg at Triple Tri( 20 km) on Sun 18th Nov, help or maybe get a run at Deep Space Mtn marathon on Sun 2nd Dec, and Tour de Mtn ( 19 km) on Sun 16th Dec. Then after Christmas and in between training for SFT( 45 km) in early March 2008, there must be something. Gosford 12 hour in Jan has been cancelled, the Sri Chinmoy 100km ultra was cancelled in Jan this year so can't rely on that, I could go to Bogong to Hotham but not likely, there is a big chance at Coburg 12 hour on the track in April as it is only a week after a wedding I will be attending in Vic. Then there is the King of the Mountain at Kangaroo Valley in mid July, a short 32 km.

However, I have found a real possibility in May as a new event is on, the North Face Adventure Trail run over 100km on 10th May in the Blue Mountains. This would be a great lead into solid winter training with Bush Capital (60 km) ultra at end of July just a few weeks out from the main event, another attempt at the Glasshouse Mountains 100 mile ( 160 km) in early Sept.

Sounds like a plan to me, let's get into it. Only 11 months to get it all done. No time waste and certainly no time for injuries, too much to do.


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