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Friday, March 14, 2008

Calwell Oval - Around the Outside

Distance: 10.7 km
Time: 47' 58"
Rate: 4' 29" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 22-28 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 36.9 km
March: 155.95 km
Year: 1041.4 km

Riding the bike down to the oval, and just outside the local service station were two blokes pushing a ute. Looking at the sign writing on the outside was " Repco Auto Spares", the vehicle had run out of petrol. How embarrassing for them. Jumped off the bike to give them a hand, another man also helped and we soon had the ute in the servo. That was the warm up and good Samaritan work down for the day.
The oval was empty, the grass had been recently mowed and is is great shape. Just for a change I decided to run around the outside of the main area with the GPS telling me that 3 laps on the outside is the same as 5 laps in lane 5 of the running track, 2.15 km.
I ran 4 times 3 laps circuits changing direction after each 3 laps, ran bare feet because is so nice on your feet.
Then ran a few up and down the centre of the oval at a slower pace to cool down.
Just as I was leaving, it is now lunch time, as couple of men turned up with their model airplanes for a fly. Good conditions for them as well, a very light NW breeze had arrived. Beaut day, the weekend is looking the same as well. I seem to have recovered reasonably well since SFT, unlike poor Ewen who is still suffering. Guess he is not up to 30 km at the Cotter on Saturday morning!!


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