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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beaut Day to be Running Laps

Today: Calwell oval
Distance: 20 laps in lane 5 = 8.95 km + cool down 1.45 km = 10.4 km
Time: 37' 58" + 6' 17" = ave 44' 15"
Rate: 4' 14.5" + 4' 20" = ave 4' 15"
Weather: sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm
Week: 24.95 km
May: 170.75 km
Year: 1905.4 km

Great week so far to be on leave, so a chance to have a morning at the oval. I would have liked to have done more, but there is no point now pushing, the worst part of tapering week.
The intention was just to run a few laps at a slow pace, but it was difficult to go slow, so I just ran at a comfortable pace. Similar day to most previous trips to the oval, lane 5, bare feet, grass is short and soft, changed direction after 10 laps. Rode the bike down and back from home, that's the warm up.
I thought comfortable was going to be around 5 minute per km pace, but the first 5 laps were ran at 4' 25" pace, the 2nd 5 laps at 4'14", the 3rd 5 laps at 4'09" and the last 5 laps at 4' 07" pace. At least the cool down was slower at 4' 20", it all felt really easy as the conditions were perfect. Must say the grass is a little cool in bare feet, but, what a day for the middle of May in Canberra!!


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