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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Snow Bunny

Distance: 13.2 km
Time: 68' 03"
Rate: 5' 09" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 19 degrees, humidity 50%, wind westerly at 30 kmph gusting up to 50 kmph
Week: 13.2 km, April: 189.55 km, Year: 1334.9 km

A very strong westerly wind on a one way run made tough going this morning. Luckily, a bit of down hill helped counteract the cool wind. Plus, feeling reasonable after the Rob Roy run, I managed to maintain a good pace. I ran from home to Pine Is to get to the river to get some help for tired legs, the cool water certainly helped.
Now, for snow bunnies in April, not Easter bunnies. I think I may turn in to a winter person & follow the snow.
I was happily running the loop track at the northern end of Pine Is car park. It's a little rough, narrow, sandy track, I like this type of running. I hear a bell and a voice behind me, look around to see a young girl on a mountain bike closing in. I step to the side to allow her to pass, but she slows down and we start chatting. She said I was going well as it took her a long while to catch me, happy with that comment. We move along together, I find out she does cross country snow skiing both in Australia & Europe. She is trying to get some fitness back & finds the mtn bike is good for her, as well as a game or two of touch footy plus a couple of days a week of running.
If you have seen the legs on Anna Meares, sprint cyclist, then this girl puts her to shame, legs like tree trunks, absolutely beautiful, the bike riding helps upper body strength as well as giving her a big motor for the skiing.
She races any distance from 5 km to 90 kms of cross country skiing, imagine the fitness required for that, pushing yourself across the snow. She could have been the national champion for all I know, didn't matter, she had very good technical skills on the sandy tracks, multi skilled to talk and ride well at the same time. Impressed, you bet, a really nice girl.
Must look up snow skiing in Australia on a website, might find out who she is.
Rest day tomorrow, important meeting at lunch time.


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