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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cotter - 21 mile plus Mt McDonald

Distance: 34.00 km
Time: 3hrs 34 mins 36 secs
Rate: 6' 18" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 745 metres
Calories used: 2840
Weather: mostly cloudy, temp range 10-17 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week: 105.95 km, April: 61.1 km, Year: 1206.45 km

Ran at the Cotter this morning for the 144 th time. The course profile shows where most of the altitude gain is at the beginning straight out of the blocks. The run goes up Brindabella Road and into the Uriarra Forest, but construction of the enlarged Cotter Dam now has the tracks above the dam off limits. We now have to go up Mt McDonald, brings a smile to a mountain runners face.
Four of us arrived at the site of the old hotel with very good weather conditions, cool, cloudy and no wind. A bit cool in the shade, especially on the descent off the mountain.
Lead runner Robbie took off never to be seen again, he is training for the marathon, so he should be able to run away from us. Mick also going well, lost contact with Robbie who we suspect didn't touch the trig on Mt McDonald. Softshoe and myself content to run a bit, walk a bit, still in recovery mode from SFT, 3 weeks ago.
We made it to Vanities where the water is just over the wall, starting to get cool, but very nice to wade through. Won't be long before the coldness gets painful.
Robbie had gone when we arrived back at the cars, a later email advised he ran 3 hrs 3 mins, well in front of us.
The camp ground near the Cotter bridge was full with tents, a caravan or two and a bus. Either camping there for a getaway for Easter or attendees at the National Folk Festival at EPIC. At least they have no rain and it's not cold, by our standards.
Really happy to get through today, first long run since SFT, probably not enough calorie intake yesterday to run quicker, but a good "time on feet" run.


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