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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Standard Double Up Mt Tennent

Distance: 30.75 km plus 1.25 km cool down
Time: 4 hrs 13 mins 57 secs
Rate: 8' 15" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 1600 metres
Calories used: 2740
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle for first 15 mins, temp 17 degrees, humidity 70-80%, wind northerly at 10 km on exposed parts, except top of mtn, very strong.
Week: 95.95 km, April: 390.8 km, Year: 1536.15 km

A normal, if you can call this training run " normal", start at the Namadgi Visitor's Centre, up the Aust. Alpine Walking track to the top of the mountain. Wind very strong on top of mountain, so no resting or admiring the view, couldn't see much due to cloud.
Back down to the walking track and on to Bushfold Flats, meet fire trail and down to Apollo Road. Fire trail has had rocks and gravel added to stop the surface being too slippery in the wet. Even with a few drops of rain this morning, there were several places where the feet moved on the soft surface.
Nick had turned back up the fire trail at the Bushfold corner, Mick turned at the first gate on the fire trail, and Softshoe and myself soldiered on to Apollo Road.
Slow back up the fire trail to the top, over an hour for just under 7 km, very steep in places as well as the rocks and gravel.
Decided against the extra half a lap back to Bushfold due to the clouds closing in as well as the strong wind. On our way down met a bush walker doing one of his last training sessions before tackling the Kokoda Track in PNG in May. His team won the trip after finishing the Kokoda Challenge, 96 kms behind the Gold Coast in 29 hours. But he was out alone today, he said the rest of the team were soft, wait and see in a few weeks if they are fully prepared.
The rocky and technical walking track back down required care due to the wet rocks, got through Ok, but with some small frights. One of the Kokoda Track team broke her arm on this trail last year on a training walk.
Much slower today than the last time we did this course, last time under 4 hours, today with conditions not as favourable about 25 minutes longer.
A good day out, the cool down was really to stay warm as I waited a few minutes for Softshoe to arrive. A little tired now, may need nana nap.


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