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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lessons Learned

Distance: 13.00 km
Time: 67' 57"
Rate: 5' 13" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 24 degrees, humidity 50%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week: 32.3 km, April: 327.15 km, Year: 1472.5 km

Ran home at lunch time and back to work. Nothing to report, nothing happened, clouded over during run back but no rain down this way.
Yesterday, I entered the Gold Rush 42 km off road marathon in FNQ, entry fee just $ 10 for an event organised by the Cairns Road Runners Club. Cheap entry, getting water won't be problem with Innisfail having it's wettest April in 10 years already with 551 mils so far with 16 days, and year to date they have received 2495 mils in 84 wet days. That is nearly 2.5 metres of rain !!!
We have had bugger all, still on stage 3 water restrictions, same as last 10 years.
And, we are expanding the Cotter Dam in capacity to hold more water. I ask, where is the water coming from ? Not from the sky over us.
Booked and paid for flights to Cairns, finally the price came down in line with other cheap fares.
I have also entered the Tan run in Melbourne in August, but that will be a drive down in the car, a few other things to do while down Mexico way.
A quick read of the plight of Martin at the Coburg 24 hour run. Just goes to prove the best can get it wrong, the lead in was almost perfect, but just a tip over the edge and it all falls apart. Such is the nature of ultra running. However, he knew when to pull the pin and live to fight ( run) another day.
The longer the event, the longer the taper. Therefore, the longer the lead in must be. Ultras are not run on the bare minimum, but on a plan that works. But as Martin has shown, may be slightly underdone is better than just over the edge. Then on race day, compete accordingly, ease into it, and see what happens.
Others in the event did really well, the first 2 males over 200 kms in what I gather were warm conditions. Other results especially mid pack show much lower than I expected from some I know. First female was Michelle Thompson, another one, that makes 4 I know that run well. She did 172 kms. I met Michelle at Caboolture last year and posted a comparison picture of her to CJ on my blog. I think they look alike, some others couldn't see it. Might be from a male view point.


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