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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chasing Altitude

Distance: 15.85 km
Time: 86' 07"
Rate: 5' 26 " per km
Weather: sunny, temp 20 degrees, humidity 50%, wind NW at 10 kmph
Altitude: ?
Week: 29.95 km, Sept: 310.9 km, Year: 3454.75 km

Both Softshoe & myself realise that our hill running legs are still in winter hibernation. A busy Monday & probably a needed rest day resulted in nothing yesterday. Pity to waste a nice day, but " that's life".
Today looking for any hill I could find without going to Mt Taylor or Tuggie Hill, I searched out every little up slope there is between work and home. I found a few small inclines behind Bonython houses and ran to the trig on Stranger Hill. Been a while since I was there, good views towards the Brindies.
I finished at home for lunch, another climb up Johnson Dr, with some down hill on the way back to work. I did have intentions of stopping at Pine Is to visit the river, but too many half naked nymphs catching the warmth of the sun, it was a lovely afternoon. Good luck to them for having the time off.
As for the altitude gain today, I can't get my Garmin to download to the Training Centre, so I don't know. Whatever the figure, it needs to increase big time very quickly.


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