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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Theodore Fire Trails

distance; 18.75 km
Time; 1 hr 59 mins 43 secs
Rate:  6' 23" per km
Altitude gain/loss: almost 400 metres
Weather: sunny, temp range 15-19 degrees, humidity 35%, wind NW 20 kmph
Week:  42.95 km, Sept:  183.35 km, Year:  1705.8 km

This is not one of my usual training courses as I only get to cover the fire trails & hills behind Theodore when I work at night. This is usually every 3rd week, but next time is school holidays so it's back to a day time split shift, midday running from work place.
This course has a bit of everything in it, mainly undulating except a couple of steep climbs near the Monaro Hwy and a climb on to the Tuggeranong Hill ridge near the reservoirs.
Nice morning to be out, as it was for a one metre or a bit more of a brown snake on the fire trail behind Ewen's place. Covering most of the trail, it was a case of waiting for it to move along, I wasn't going to even ask nicely. The browns around here are the nasty ones, keep clear, they can become aggressive & are deadly.
Otherwise, good to be out enjoying the sunshine even if the wind again was blowing strongly.


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