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Monday, October 24, 2011

Recovery Run

Today:Distance:  14.3 km
Time:  83' 10"
Rate:  5'  49" per km
Weather:  part sun/cloud, temp 26 degrees, humidity 36%, wind NW 26 kmph
Week:  14.3 km,  Oct:  359.95 km,  Year:  2258.2 km

The weather is supposed to turn a bit average during the week. I'm waiting for a nasty one so I can have a rest day.
However, today was Ok except for the wind. A standard run down to Pine Is from home. I'm on night shift at work, so running in the morning.
Stopped to have 15 minutes in the river, very nice. Then a much slower jog home.
Nothing to report, felt Ok, but that was far enough.
Ewen, on Sunday at the Arboretum, the course is on the western side of the hill. The short course is not flat but it stops short of the hilly parts of the long course.
The up and downs are long drawn out affairs, not steep at all, but will take some doing. I see lots of Frylink competitors walking from the 2 km to 3 km marker with a fast down hill finish over the last 500 metres on the road.
You and Ruth will hate the long course, it looks hard & it is hard. But it will be fun.


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