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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Day Update

Tuesday:   Rest day
Distance:  20.7 kms in 2 hrs 4 mins 55 secs at 6' 02" per km
Today: 15.00 kms in 83 mins 45 scs at 5' 35" per km
Weather: both days, cloudy, temp 12-15 degrees, humidity 60%, wind SE or E 15 kmph
Week:  50.00 kms,  Oct:  395.65 km,  Year:  2293.9 km

The weather closed in for a rainy crappy day on Tuesday, so took the planned rest day I had hoped to get. Also had a few others bits and pieces to do, so it worked out well.
Wednesday, a long hilly run starting from home to Theodore sub station. Then the full circuit of Tuggeranong Hill, back to the sub station. Back home via Calwell oval.
The grass was being cut as I ran through the area. lanes 5 & 6 look good now, just need a warm sunny day to appreciate what we have and to a churn out a few laps.
Today, a run down to the river. No where near as hilly as Wednesday. Very quiet on the trails and a nice easy outing, felt good.
Not sure if I'll get a run done in the morning. Having massage at 11:30 am, so no running afterwards to undo all the good work. I know this one will hurt, a few sore spots need attention. best to get them fixed now, than run through and get injured.
Otherwise, all is good.


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