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Saturday, October 11, 2014

First Part of October


I've ran on 9 out of the 11 days so far this month.
Plus a new mountain bike purchase has helped with some cross training as I ride to work and back home now daylight savings has started.

Week:  55.55 km,  Oct:  97.1 km,  Year:  1717.95 km

The month so far has been a rebuild the base and drop a couple of kgs that I have gained recently due to lack of physical activity from a fall a few weeks ago resulting in 7 stitches in a wound below right knee. All good now.
Slowly building up the distance of the long run. Today was the longest for a while doing 18 kms on a version of a Two Fruits circuit through MacArthur, the new Centenary Trail & back home over Farrer Ridge & Wanniassa Hills nature reserve.
These runs are fairly slow, but do have a reasonable amount of up and down. Today had around 340 metres of up hill. Last Monday I did a run to and up Mt Tuggeranong with that having about the same altitude gain.
The reason for this is a spring time of mountain running coming up soon with an excellent female who just loves & eats up hills. Bring on Mt Tennent, I may not be able to keep up, but it will be lots of fun.
At this stage, going Ok. It's slowly getting easier, still much slower than I would like, but at least it's forward progress.
Nice warm spring time weather is certainly nice.


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