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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Backwards & Forwards

Monday:  8.9.14
Distance:  10.05 kms in 50' 13" at ave  6' 00"

Tuesday:  9.9.14
Distance:   4.3 kms in 25' 36" at ave  5' 58"

Thursday:   11.9.14
Distance:  13.75 kms in 91' 12" at ave  6' 38"

Friday:  13.9.14
Distance: 8.5 kms in 47' 56" at ave   5' 38"

Saturday: 14.9.15
Distance: 370 metres in 4' 00" at ave  10' 45"

I thought progress was being made as I very slowly try to rebuild a running base.
However, Saturday night it came to a sudden halt. Note distance.
I had planned with a couple of others to run more of the Canberra Centenary Trail similar to the previous Saturday night. I do need to inspect the full course at night for the AnzacUltra in April 2015.
However, it came to a an abrupt end after 370 metres when I tripped over some cut off sapling stumps hidden in long grass not far from the start at Woden bus interchange.
End result, a trip to hospital emergency ward to get a wound repaired. Damage required a tetanus injection, a cleanout of small stones & grass and 7 stitches.
In and out in 90 minutes which was wonderful. Really expected at least 4 hours on a Saturday night, so lucky.
Now, no running at all until stitches come out in a week to 10 days, then very gentle movement to allow for the deep down injury to heal.
Nothing to do but wait out time. So annoying as spring time is the best time for the hills and mountains as the weather warms. Plans now for next year just delayed a bit. I can't continue to play catch up, just need some consistency without any more setbacks.
On the positive side, the hip injury seems to have finally fixed itself.


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