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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Running At Last


Turners Beach, North West Coast

3 days on beach, 23.45 kms on sand, bare feet at average pace about 5' 10" per km

Weather:  sunny, temps about 14 degrees, wind calm, humidity 50%


3 days between home & work,  13.25 kms at average pace about 5' 45" per km

August:  42.1 kms,  Year:  1517.7 kms

As mentioned in my previous post, I had been sidelined with a hip/leg problem for a few months until a miracle cure was found courtesy of my sister-in-law. Hail Elmore Oil.
We moved from Hobart to the north west coast for 8 days at Turners Beach just behind the sand dunes. Not quite the warm tropical ideals of north Qld, but still blessed with a 1.5 km long beach available unless it's high tide. The water comes up to the base of the dunes, so no sand.
Otherwise a perfect flat, hard packed sandy surface where I seem to run faster than in shoes.
Nothing too startling about those runs despite Ok pace, given plenty of rest breaks. Lacking endurance fitness.
Back home where the emphasis will be on consistency. Not necessary to up distance too far or pace yet, just get a base down. Still need the occasional rest stop, but the running part is good.
Warmer recent weather has helped so spring time coming soon will be appreciated.
No race plans for the rest of the year at this stage, but may trot around in a mountain running event if the endurance base returns. Really miss the hills, but this flat stuff is good for where I am at the moment.
Yearly distance wise I'm done for this year. If I can make it to 2000 kms, that's great but making it a two decade low. Bugger this injury, lesson learned.


  • I'll make it my goal to exceed 2000 clicks.

    Have you transferred the van portable loo into the bus? Heard on 666 that the new timetable doesn't give you time for a leak!

    By Blogger Ewen, At August 30, 2014 at 10:09 PM  

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