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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December - Weekly Average

December:  so far -  109.6 kms

Year: 2417.45 kms in 49 weeks at ave 49.33 kms

December has started off well, running everyday, although there was a very short jog in there last Friday.
The main focus has been to build strength with the endurance side taking a back seat for the moment.
Saturday's long run has recently been centred on a series of hills or a mountain.
Last week, a good run over Mt Tennent, down to Bushfold Flats & out to Booroomba Rocks and back. Distance just over 31 kms but it had 1520 metres of altitude gain.
These training runs/walks are certainly not based on speed, that will hopefully return one day.
To average 50 kms per week for the year, I only have to run another 190 km in 3 weeks, or 65 kms per week. Recently being doing between 85 - 105 kms per week.
Not a bad recovery from a low of near 40 kms per week a few months ago after almost 6 months of little running due to a hip flexor injury. The nice warmer weather is helping with that.
I may have a slight chance of catching Ewen if he doesn't get on top of his recent injuries. Going to be a close call.


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