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Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 35 & All Done - Tapering

Running - Year to Date

Distance: 3,000.6 kms in 35 weeks at ave  85.7 kms ( down from 86.6 kms last week)

Last week:  57.1 kms in 5 days

August:   513.6 kms in 27/31 days at ave  19.02 kms per run day 

Altitude:  57,941 metres in 35 weeks at ave  1,655 metres ( down from 1,658 metres last week)

Last week:  1,558 metres in 5 days

August:  10,205 metres in 27/31 days at ave  378 metres per run day

On the taper & easing up caper now as run day approaches on Tuesday of next week from the small outback town of Bourke in NSW.
The plan is to follow the Darling River as far as possible hoping to pass through the even smaller town of Menindee after 520 kms which will be my all time PB distance. Any more kms done will be a bonus.
All good at this stage. As every runner will say, I could/should/tried to do more/smarter/better training in the lead up. But, you can't change the past. I deliberately increased my hill running for strength and partly eased back on distance.
I think it has worked as I'm basically as fit and healthy as I have ever been. No injuries, niggles and any fatigue will disappear as the resting helps.
I have gained about 2.5 kgs in weight in past 10 - 14 days and that will be used plus more over the run time.
Probably have little to no internet connection for a couple of weeks. This is outback Australia, vast distances between small towns with few facilities.


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