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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 23 - No Long Run

Running - Year to date

Distance:   2,064.2 kms in 23 weeks at ave  89.75 kms ( down from 90.75 kms in week 22)

Last week:  67.75 kms

Altitude:  46,429 metres in 23 weeks at ave  2,019 metres ( down from 2,060 metres in week 22)

Last week: 1,108 metres

This is what happens when we survive a week of around 100 mls of rain mainly falling over the weekend.
Managed to get only 12 kms done on Saturday afternoon, but didn't venture out on Sunday. Consistent rain, although not heavy wasn't my idea of a fun 3-4 hours on the trails.
Longest run of the week was 13.0 kms, shortest run was today at just under 8 kms. Not much elevation gain either, so the averages have fallen on all counts. I'm keen to get the distance average back above 90 & keep the elevation above 2,000.
However, I'm cruising along nicely when I'm out there, quite enjoying running without the pressure of having to focus on actually training for some long off event.


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