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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Convicts & Wenches 50 km at Greens Beach, Tas

Running:  First Race of the Year

Distance as Advertised:   50 kms

Distance I ran:   51.75 kms

Time:  6 hrs 23 mins 12 secs

Rate:  7' 24" per km

Altitude:  618 metres

Surface:  50% trail,  50% beach sand

This race will rate in the top 3 of all time as far as location, scenery, great organisation, friendly volunteers & other competitors.
I still can't believe how good this day was. Located near the mouth of the Tamar River in northern Tasmania, it has no road except for the first 30 metres. The rest is all single walking track or beach sand with a small section of around 100 metres of jumping over a few rocks to get to the beach.
There were two beaches to run along on the 25 kms out & the same on the return.
In between, a climb, not difficult, over Badger Head but this is where the views are at their best.
With the tide going out to reveal nice hard sand, very flat so no waves to surf.
Although not a big field in the 50 km, the other associated events attracted good numbers so the RD's would have been very happy.
Perfect weather, sunny, mild temp, 20 degrees top in the afternoon, no wind, low humidity making great running conditions.
I absolutely loved this event, my kind of running with no pressure anymore to get good results. Finished near 2 hours behind the young gun winner, although I doubt he stopped as many times as I did to take many photos.
Here are a few I took during the run. I don't think they do justice to how beautiful this area to run really is.

Race day & race time are chosen to have an out tide as shown in the bottom photo. Big distance between runners, there is no rule as to the exact path you have to run on the beach.
Conclusion, one of the best & scenic events I have ever done outside of some high mountain races which are still my favourite. Do this one again ? You bet, can't wait until Sunday 22nd April next year.


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