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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Week 44 - Vertical Going Up

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,270.6 kms in 44 weeks at ave  74.3 kms ( up from 74.2 kms at week 43)

Last week:  80.4 kms

Altitude:  104,717 metres in 44 weeks at ave  2,380 metres ( up from 2,355 metres at week 43)

Last week:  3,452 metres

Back into a routine following our 2 month holiday. I had last Sunday as an unpacking, getting organised day off. Also a couple of quiet days on Thursday & Friday with a couple of short walks late afternoon. Must have been busy in the mornings.
Result for this week is that 4 days made up the bulk of the stats. A good hit out on Tuesday on the Dooley Fire Trail up on to Goat Hill, 15 kms with 895 metres of vert.
Today a return to Mt Wellington trails with 23 kms & 1,320 metres of vert chasing the last of the winter snow & sussing out a potential course for the Australian Mountain Running Champs for early next year.

                                          Nice trails
 An echidna hiding from the camera
Snow on trail at Chalet at start of Organ Pipes Track
Small wallaby guarding the trail


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