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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week 13 - Neverest Challenge

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  1,234.5 kms in 13 weeks at ave  94.9 kms ( down from 98.2 kms at week 11)

Last 2 weeks:  154.15 kms

Altitude:  42,548 metres in 13 weeks at ave  3,040 metres ( up from 3,021 metres at week 11)

Last 2 weeks:  19,314 metres

The last 2 weeks has been about getting the Neverest Challenge done. It's not a race, but a challenge to do the vertical height of Mt Everest ( 8,848 metres).
I travelled to Canberra to be part of this & to do as much as possible on the day. I was unlikely to get it all done in one go but did manage to do 30 laps up and down Mt Ainslie ( one lap was 2 kms) with 4,900 metres of vertical on the Friday night & Saturday morning.
Rested on Sunday, then up and down Mt Tennent on Monday ( 800 metres of vert). Travel home on Tuesday. Wednesday a trip to Launceston getting a walk done around the city for another 220 metres ( they all count ).
Thursday back at home added another 1070 metres with a trip half way up Mt Wellington. Friday I did 5 repeats on my local hill getting 565 more metres to the total. Took that day very easy as Saturday was going to be a tough one.
Bigger local hill was the final day. Nice sunny day, no wind as I managed to do a triple repeat of Goat Hill with the 1,355 metres of vertical enough to get me over the line.
While it took me 8 days in total, 6 run/walk days to hit the target, it was all in the name of a good cause raising money for the Australian Himalayan Foundation for repairs to schools & kids education in Nepal.
Today, headed to the river to soak the legs in the getting colder waters of the Derwent River. Water temp down to around 16 degrees at the moment, so really nice.
Next event is Convicts & Wenches in 3 weeks which is 50 kms flat along beaches on the north coast of Tassie. Something different, although I did it last year & loved it.


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