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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Week 51 - A Good One

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,867.6 kms in 51 weeks at ave  75.8 kms ( up from 75.2 kms in week 50 )

Last week:  107.15 kms

Altitude:  131,233 metres in 51 weeks at ave  2,573 metres ( up from 2,511 metres in week 50)

Last week:  5,682 metres

Four good days, a walk day, a walk/jog day & an easy jog day made up a solid week of both distance & vertical.
Didn't seem too hard to get those figures, but starting with a solid Sunday certainly helps.
The weather has been kind, just mild temps & no rain.
This last full week won't be much with a walk day on Sunday. Christmas Day will be a complete rest day, then Boxing Day will return to the hills to get to average weekly totals.
This year on completion will be just average for the long term ( 20 years) distance. It's only recently I have started to record vertical metres ( GPS's lacked the facility) but it will be far & away the highest.
It's been a good year really of running. Next year will may be my final "focused" year. After that, it's carry the camera, take it easy & enjoy the journey.


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