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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Week 50 - Under Control

Running:  Year to Date

Distance: 3,760.45 kms in 50 weeks at ave  75.2 kms ( up from 74.9 kms at week 49)

Last week:  91.15 kms

Altitude:  125,551 metres in 50 weeks at ave  2,511 metres ( up from 2,481 metres at week 49)

Last week:  3,972 metres

The year is nearing it's end and it's been a while since I actually competed in a race.
In fact, last race was on 25th June when I ran the Endorfun event at Freycinet Peninsular. Only 29 kms going over Mt Graham and along Wineglass Bay. Spectacular scenery, took the camera, took too many photos. So hardly competing hard when it takes 4 hrs 22 mins to do 29 kms with less than 1000 metres of vertical.
Since then, with a 2 month holiday in Sept & Oct, running has been just for fun. Really good fun it has been, especially in the snow during winter.
Mainly setting up the base as I intend to run the Gone Nuts 101 km in early March next year.
This week has been a mix of big and small. Two afternoon walks of 5 kms as recovery/rest days with a jog day of 7 kms plus hitting the cold water.
The other 3 days were definitely hilly, making up the bulk of those kms & vertical metres.
No need to do too much now to get to 130,000 metres for the year, just average 300 metres per day.
Gone Nuts will take around 15 hours I hope. The main part now will be to up the distances, maintain the vertical and get more time on feet. Start that in January, not going to hurry.


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