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Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Year - First Two Weeks

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  233.3 kms in 2 weeks at ave 116.65 kms ( both Garmin Connect & Strava)

Garmin Connect:  8,746 metres in 2 weeks at ave  4,373 metres per week
Strava:                10,508 metres in 2 weeks at ave  5,254 metres per week

Off to a good start for the year working to a newish training plan.
Having built the base for both endurance & strength, it's time to up the training for a tilt at Gone Nuts 101 km in early March.
These first couple of weeks have included longer mid week runs and a few very short run or walk days instead of complete rest days. I find doing nothing days are not good for me as the next day is difficult to get going again.
The Gone Nuts race is undulating ( not gently) with many ups and downs as opposed to very hilly. My vertical metres base should come in very handy.
The new plan is based on a 10 day instead of the normal 7 day routine with an increase for 3 weeks, then a cut back week.
So far, so good.


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