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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 7 - A Little Easier

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  806.4 kms in 7 weeks at ave  115.2 kms ( down from 117.7 kms at week 6)

Last week:  100.25 kms

Altitude:  Garmin  27,501 metres in 7 weeks at ave  3,929 metres ( up from 3,890 metres at week 6)
                 Strava   29,806 metres

Last week:  Garmin 4,164 metres
                    Strava   4,455 metres

With only 2 weeks to go until Gone Nuts 101 km, this was the last week of training before easing back. My longest run has been just over 40 kms, most vert in one run was 2323 metres with plenty of long runs in the 5-7 hour time range.
I hope I've done enough, not only to get through the race, but to have a reasonable run and not struggle over the final stages. I would like to be able to run most of the way and only walk up the steepest climbs.
Not much else to be done now except keep moving, may be a short quick session on the oval one day. Also need to book a massage.
The training plan based on 10 days has worked well. Much of the time I have been just in front allowing for plenty of easy days. Always running fresh, no injuries or tiredness.


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