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Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 16 - Convicts & Wenches Race

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  1,442.15 kms in 16 weeks at ave  90.1 kms ( down from 92.2 kms at week 14)

Last 2 weeks:  150.8 kms

Altitude:  Garmin: 49,350 metres in 16 weeks at ave  3,084 metres ( down from 3,262 metres at week 14)
Last 2 weeks:  3,684 metres        

Strava:    52, 458 metres

Not much happened in the week after the mountain running champs. A couple of easy run days doing a double check that all the signs marking the course had been collected.
The following weekend was a family get together in the north of the state so very little running. The weather was terrible as well, rain and very strong winds.
The past week was tapering trying to freshen up for the Convicts & Wenches 50 kms race. These days, races are not races as such as I have more chance of finishing last then first. Although, neither of those has actually happened.
Convicts & Wenches is basically a beach run, out and back 25 kms over 2 beaches and over 2 headlands on single file tracks. One of the most scenic race locations you will ever run.
Perfect weather conditions, sunny, mild temps 11-18 degrees, mid humidity & no winds.
I managed a 15 minute better time than last year mainly as I didn't stop to take as many photos & a bit of course knowledge. Final time of 6 hrs 7 minutes 55 secs was very acceptable. I ran well for me, walked only the couple of steeper climbs up on to the headlands which were a little rough as well underfoot.
Sighted one well fed tiger snake warming itself on the sandy track on my way back. Very scary as they are rated about 4th most deadly in the world. However, it turned around quickly & back into the light scrub & out of sight. Very thankful for that.
Overall, one of the best coastal events I have ever done, just beautiful scenery & course.
No more major races planned for now. May be a few local Tasmanian winter races but not ultra or of significant distances. Couple of photos from Convicts & Wenches run.


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