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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week17 - Recovery Week to Maintain Averages

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,526.9 kms in 17 weeks at ave 89.8 kms ( down from 90.1 kms at week 16)

Last week:  84.75 kms

Altitude:  52,573 metres in 17 weeks at ave  3,092 metres ( up from 3,084 metres at week 16)

Last week:  3,223 metres

The week after Convicts has gone well, running or walking every day.
The week included a 3 km & 5 km walk, two sessions in the cold water just to help, a massage on Friday. Two good hilly runs, today was 27 kms with 1300 metres of vert, Wednesday was 16 kms with 840 metres of vert.
As a recovery week, it was more like a average maintenance week. With no important races on the horizon, this may be about the best for a while.
Jodie's massage on Friday found a few, but not many, sore spots mainly on the left side. Apparently, my left hammie is being overloaded & unable to handle the workload.
But, she worked her magic, and today's run was good up into the mountains.


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