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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Almost a CJ

Running distance: Nil
Mtn bike distance: 15km
Time: 1hr

I was allowed to go for a ride on the mountain bike this afternoon after the massage yesterday. The day turned out OK after some overnight showers and a cloudy morning, so away I went.
Just an easy ride but maybe too easy, not concentrating as well as I should on a sandy loose track near the river. Got a little sideways on a corner, the front wheel goes one way, the back slides the other, and I just hang on. Fortunately I was going slowly, but it could have been that moment when I undid 4 months of hard work.
No damage except a couple of scratches & quick reality check. Cleaned the sand off in the river and cooled the legs, much better riding home.
The wake up call that had to come. Everything had been too good to be true to date, no falls, no injuries, no sickness.
Tomorrow back to using the feet to stay upright.


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